There’s no dispute that life changes drastically after the loss of a body part.

The difference of life before and after an amputation is overwhelming. Huge medical bills, weeks or months or even years of rehabilitation, life without participation in familiar activities, and loss of a job are just the obvious issues you may face as an amputee.

Causes and Treatment

The physical trauma that results in amputation can occur during a car accident, industrial/work accident, boating accident, natural disaster or recreational activity. Naturally, after you suffer an accidental amputation, you will face emotional shock and depression. For that reason, amputees are encouraged to undergo both physical and emotional therapy.

Amputation recovery extends far beyond initial medical treatment and is determined, in part, by your overall health and strength. If you receive a prosthesis, physical therapy, occupational therapy and gait training are necessary. This helps you adapt to the changes you will face at home and develops your independence. If your health does not permit a prosthesis, you will require assistance with mobility and transfers.

Treatment may be necessary for years after your initial injury and calculating the costs for that care, plus other future needs, is daunting. We have experience working with New Jersey doctors, therapists and other medical professionals to determine those costs. During our 22 years of personal injury law practice, we have helped thousands of injured clients recover the compensation necessary to move forward with life.

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Loss of Future Potential Earnings

A major factor in determining the financial settlement you require after an accidental amputation depends upon which body part was lost and how that affects your career. Typically, the loss of a leg has a greater impact on one’s work than a finger, but every case is highly unique. Losing a finger could be devastating for a professional musician, and losing an arm would wreck the career of a carpenter.

As your legal team, we determine the dollar figure that’s required for your quality of life and demand it from those responsible for the amputation. We gather records and testimony to support your claim and resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Talk to us before you sign or settle anything with an insurance company! We will make sure that you get what you need to get your life back to normal.

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