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Being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault is stressful and overwhelming, especially when your medical bills are piling up and you’re trying to recover from your injuries. We understand the physical and emotional pain you’ve experienced and we want to help.

Our team will review the various details of your case and inform you of your legal options. If you are eligible for compensation, we will fight for every penny you deserve. Let our team handle the paperwork and hassles with the insurance company so you can focus on getting better!

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5 Star Reviews

I was at a red light and a driver came up behind and rear-ended my vehicle. Immediately after the accident, I called Peter Davis’ office and he started working on my case right away. His staff was very conscientious to the issue and I just felt very comfortable with dealing with his entire office. He really did a great job in helping me. First thing I would do is find yourself a good attorney like Peter Davis. Peter did a great job with the insurance company. He really fought hard for me.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving on Route 46. A guy was on his cell phone and didn’t realize everyone had stopped or slowed in front of him, so full blast, he hit me in the back. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and he started working for me right away. Peter took the case to arbitration and forced the insurance company to give me a good settlement.

5 Star Reviews

I was in the car, I was the passenger, we were stopped about five cars back from the stop sign and all of the sudden we got hit from behind… And it was a girl that was talking on her cell phone. My car insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ My private health insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ Without a lawyer I would probably still be out there wondering why I was still hurting, why I was still having problems and what was I going to do? Peter has contacted the insurance companies. He has gone with me to doctor’s appointments. They have really gone above and beyond. We need people like Peter Davis to help us.

5 Star Reviews

I was with my son about to get to the cash register and there was a puddle of water that I didn’t see and I slipped and fell. After I fell, I was in physical therapy for six months. I called Peter’s office and Peter started working for me right away. I don’t think the insurance company would have been fair with me if I didn’t have a good lawyer. I would recommend the Peter Davis law firm to anyone who was injured in an accident.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving in Hoboken and was preparing to stop at a stop sign and before I got to the stop sign, I was rear-ended. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and they started working for me right away. Large insurance companies are not looking out for the consumer. I needed Peter Davis to help me out. Mr. Davis fought hard for me and got me the money that I deserved.

5 Star Reviews

I was in a terrible car accident. Immediately after that, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The insurance company treated me unfairly. They refused to pay for my surgery and Mr. Davis made them. If you get into an accident, it’s very important for you to pick someone to be your voice and defend your rights and I suggest Mr. Davis. When I came to Mr. Davis, I was treated with respect, like I was one of his family members, and I really loved him for that.


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Injured in a car accident? Getting help is easy!

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Common Injuries After an Auto Accident

Injuries after a car wreck can be serious and even life-threatening. Some of the most common injuries associated with car accident cases include:

We’ve Recovered Over $400 Million in 35 Years of Practice!

Fractured Vertebrae in Back


Auto Accident


Auto Accident


Leg Injury


Herniated Disc With Surgery


Neck Injury


Ankle Injury


Knee Injury


Neck Injury


Arm Injury



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Types of Compensation

Insurance companies take various factors into account when determining how much you may be entitled to after an accident, including the extent of your injuries, medical expenses, and property damage.

If you were injured due to the careless actions of another motorist, you may be compensated for the following:

Depending on the severity of your injuries, medical expenses can become extremely costly. Compensation can help cover surgeries, physical therapy, prescription medications, and other medical costs related to your accident.

An injury can cause you to miss time from work to attend doctor’s appointments. Compensation can help cover part of your lost wages.

If your vehicle was damaged in an accident, compensation may be available to cover the repairs.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident Caused by Someone Else?

If someone else’s reckless, careless, or even deliberate behavior caused a car accident in which you got seriously hurt, let Peter N. Davis, your Northern New Jersey attorney, fight for your right to compensation.

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How Can a Lawyer Help?

The right Lodi, NJ, car accident lawyer can be your best shot at getting full compensation for the medical bills, lost wages, loss of companionship, and emotional harm you’ve suffered. Our attorneys might even be able to help you seek compensation you didn’t realize you might be eligible to get.

When the time comes to negotiate your case, our team of Northern New Jersey attorneys can take on communicating with the insurance adjuster and building an iron-clad case for you. We will remind the other side who caused the accident and who got hurt. You can also rely on us to be a compassionate, caring ally when you need it the most. Let us take on the fight so you can focus on getting better again.

What Comes Next?

Give us a call or fill out our online form. You don’t even have to leave your house. We can come to you, do a review over the phone or via video chat, or meet somewhere you are comfortable. There’s no cost, and it’s all about focusing on you and what happened.

Next, we’ll put together your case. We will gather your medical bills, the police report from the accident scene, your journals and notes, photos of the scene, and any other evidence you have. We will contact witnesses to get their statements. We will put together an iron-clad case to be sure that we can seek full compensation for you.

Next, we’ll issue a demand letter to the defendant explaining what we want and why we think you deserve that much, in detail. The other side will usually then counter, picking apart our demand and telling us why they think we should take a lowball offer. From there, we start a back-and-forth process. We will give a bit, then they will give a bit. Ideally, we will eventually come to a middle ground that everyone can agree with.

This process can take a while, so please be as patient as you can. We will keep you updated on the status of your case, and you will always know exactly what’s going on and where we are in negotiations. We will fight for you the entire way, and we can give you advice on how to handle your bills while we work toward your settlement.

Car accident cases rarely end up in court. That’s because court is in nobody’s best interest. It’s very expensive and can take a long time. It’s also an “all or nothing” situation so it’s typically better for everyone to work through negotiations. That being said, sometimes negotiations break down and we do end up in court. If that happens, we will continue to fight for you the entire way, all the way to the end.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident Caused by Someone Else?

Let the car accident attorneys at Peter N. Davis & Associates fight for you. We have over 20 years of experience fighting insurance companies in Northern New Jersey, and we’ll work for the compensation you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The worth of your case is determined by various factors, such as the severity of your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and more. No two accidents are the same, so every case is not worth the same amount. For this reason, our attorneys will need to review the circumstances of your case to calculate how much your case may be worth.

The statute of limitations dictates the amount of time individuals have to file a personal injury lawsuit for damages. In the state of New Jersey, injured victims are given two years to file a lawsuit against the other party involved.

If you fail to file within those two years, your chances of receiving any type of compensation are little to none. For this reason, it’s vital to speak with an attorney immediately after your accident to ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines.

It can be difficult to know what to do after an accident. Here are six suggestions that may help protect your legal rights and any compensation you’re entitled to after an accident:

#1- Call Emergency Responders

Even if the accident was minor, it’s in your best interest to call for help. When the police arrive, they will evaluate the scene and write a report. A police report states important facts about the accident and can be used to your advantage later on should you decide to file a claim.

#2- Exchange Contact Information

It’s vital that you ask for the contact information of all those involved in the accident, including names, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, and insurance information.

#3- Seek Medical Attention

In some cases, people decide not to be evaluated by a medical professional. This decision can impact your claim and reduce the amount of compensation you’re rightfully owed.

#4- Gather Evidence

Evidence is an important part of any claim. If possible, gather the following after an auto accident:

  • Photos of the accident scene and your injuries
  • Copies of your medical bills
  • Proof of lost wages
  • Witness statements

#5- Call Your Insurance Company

Even if the accident was the other party’s wrongdoing, it’s still essential to inform your insurance company that you were involved in a wreck.

It’s also important to tell the truth about the accident and state the facts precisely. If you lie or exaggerate about any part of the collision, you could damage your case.

#6- Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

A lawyer will know how to negotiate with insurance companies and collect the information necessary to build a strong case on your behalf.

Car accident cases involve many complex details. Additionally, insurance companies often take advantage of injured victims, leaving them with little to no compensation for their injuries.

While an attorney isn’t required, it is extremely beneficial to have experienced legal representation. Your chances of obtaining a fair settlement will likely be much higher with an attorney on your side than if you choose to fight the insurance company alone.

The time it will take to settle your case can be difficult to predict. Some accident cases are able to be resolved quickly. However, if the details surrounding your accident are complex, it may take longer for your case to settle.

Automobile manufacturers have a responsibility to build safe cars for drivers. If a defective part directly caused your accident, then you may be able to file a lawsuit against the company who manufactured the part.

Keep in mind that product liability lawsuits can be challenging. For this reason, our team highly recommends that you hire an attorney who knows how to fight against large corporations.

In many cases, insurance companies attempt to offer low-ball settlements to injured victims initially in order to save money. If you accept the first offer, you may miss your opportunity of receiving the full amount you deserve. For this reason, we encourage you to talk with a lawyer before accepting any offer.

Our experienced attorneys can review your case and determine a reasonable settlement amount based on the details of your accident.

Maybe. Personal injury cases are usually able to be settled before court becomes necessary. However, if a settlement cannot be reached between the parties involved during the negotiation stage, then you may need to take your case to trial.

Yes. New Jersey is a “no-fault insurance state,” which means if you’re in a car accident, your own insurance carrier is responsible for covering certain damages from your accident, regardless of who was at fault. The specific laws in no-fault states do vary. In New Jersey, drivers are required to purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This important coverage is responsible for paying first party benefits, including your medical bills, lost wages, and household help, no matter who caused your accident. However, the amount you’re paid for these damages will depend on your specific policy limits.

Due to the no-fault laws in New Jersey, it is likely you will have to deal with two insurance companies: your own and the other driver’s, especially in the event that your policy doesn’t fully cover some of your damages. In addition to recovering money from your PIP policy, you may also be entitled to certain damages from the other driver’s insurance company. These can include pain and suffering, lost wages above your PIP policy limits, and unpaid medical bills above your PIP policy limits.

When you’re dealing with a third-party recovery, it’s almost always in your best interest to contact an experienced attorney who knows the laws surrounding these claims. At Peter N. Davis and Associates, we can help you handle the other driver’s insurance company to give you the best chance of recovering the maximum amount you’re owed for these particular types of damages.

Yes. According to New Jersey law, you must report any accident that results in damage of any kind that totals more than $500. While it can be difficult to determine the exact value of the damage at the time of an accident, reaching that $500 threshold generally happens pretty easily, so it’s always in your best interest to report any accident, no matter how minor it may seem at first.

While the police report from your accident can serve as an essential piece of evidence to support your claim, it’s not impossible for it to contain errors. If you find that the official police report contains an error of any kind, you can file an amendment to the report. The procedure for doing so, however, can be tough, so it’s always best to have an experienced Lodi, NJ, car accident lawyer by your side.

Comparative negligence is a term that refers to the degree of fault each individual driver contributed to the cause of an accident. In the state of New Jersey, the insurance company will investigate your accident and determine to what degree each driver contributed to the accident.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re seeking compensation from your own insurance company under your personal collision coverage, comparative negligence doesn’t apply. If you’re pursuing a claim against the other driver, comparative negligence becomes very important and that driver’s insurance company will evaluate to what extent, if any, the other driver was at fault for your accident. Under New Jersey law, if it’s determined that you share some degree of responsibility, any compensation you’re owed may be reduced by the percentage you’re considered at fault. Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you navigate this complex law and give you the best chance of recovering the full amount of compensation possible.

In most cases, a history of accidents or insurance settlements won’t affect your ability to recover compensation. New Jersey even allows those injured in car accidents to collect compensation for pre-existing conditions or injuries that were aggravated by their accidents. Just keep in mind that insurers will likely dive into your history when arguing against your claim, so it’s important to have an experienced Lodi, NJ, car accident lawyer on your side who can help build your case and make sure the focus stays on the recent accident in question.

Why Hire Our Firm?

Our Lodi car accident lawyers understand the struggles injured victims face after suffering injuries as a result of a negligent driver. Remember, you don’t have to speak to the insurance company after the accident. It is always within your rights to inform them that your lawyer will be in touch and handle communication from there on out.

The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis & Associates can protect your legal rights and help you through every step of the complicated process. With our firm on your side, you can trust that an experienced attorney is fighting for your best interests.

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