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Clifton, New Jersey, is home to over 84,000 people and The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis & Associates. We’re a personal injury law firm dedicated to serving our community through quality legal representation.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries or were killed due to someone else’s careless actions, you may be entitled to compensation for any damages and injuries you endured.

At The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis & Associates, we believe our clients deserve a legal team that is dedicated and determined to see them receive what they rightfully deserve for their injuries. Our personal injury lawyers can assist you through the challenging legal system and make sure you receive justice.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury lawsuits are civil lawsuits filed against an individual or organization that caused another person to become injured. The injured victim can file a lawsuit to cover various expenses for the damages and injuries they suffered.

Most Common Personal Injury Cases

Our law firm represents a wide variety of cases such as:

What to Do if You’ve Been Injured in an Accident

The decisions you make immediately following an accident are crucial if you plan to file a lawsuit for your injuries. Below are tips you can implement if you’re involved in an accident:

Stay calm – Whether you fell on someone’s property or were involved in a car wreck, it’s essential to remain calm. This will help you think clearly and avoid making any irrational decisions that could potentially damage your lawsuit.

Contact emergency responders – If anyone is injured, contact emergency responders.

Seek medical attention – Even if you believe you didn’t suffer any injuries, you should still be evaluated by a medical professional. In some cases, you might not experience pain immediately, but it could arise days after the accident.

Take photos – Make sure to capture photos of your injuries and any damages. For example, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident or fell in a business parking lot, take pictures of your injuries and the scene of the accident.

Keep all documentation – Medical bills, receipts, and travel expenses for treatment can be used to calculate how much compensation you’re entitled to.

If you follow these tips, you may increase your chances of building a strong legal case for the damages and injuries you experienced.

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What Not to Do After an Accident

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Never admit fault – You may feel compelled to apologize for the accident, however, admitting fault or apologizing for an accident can impact your claim should you choose to file. In other words, you may be unable to receive compensation for any damages or injuries that resulted from the accident. The police will determine who is at fault and write a report about the details of the collision.

Decline medical treatment – If you decide not to seek medical attention or decline recommended treatment for your injuries, it can affect your compensation claim.

Sign paperwork without an attorney – Don’t sign any release forms or checks without legal guidance. If you sign a release form, you may unintentionally agree that your insurance company is not to be held liable for your claim. It is also possible that you could sign a settlement agreement for a lower amount than what you deserve for your injuries.

Don’t post on social media about your case – You should not post any information about your case until it’s final, because it may damage your claim. For example, if you filed a lawsuit claiming your injuries caused mobility issues, but then post a picture of you and your family walking a trail, the insurance company will likely assume you are lying about the nature of your injuries and not reward you any compensation.

Who Is Held Legally Responsible for My Accident?

In some cases, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault for your injury. Determining fault is an intricate part of any lawsuit and plays a crucial role in whether or not you are eligible for any type of compensation.

Also, depending on who is determined to be responsible, you may be able to seek compensation from a business, your insurance company, or a manufacturer, depending upon the severity of your injuries and the location of where the accident occurred.

Our team of Clifton personal injury lawyers can review your case and help you seek compensation from the party or parties legally responsible for your injuries. If you decide to seek compensation without an attorney, you may lower your chances of receiving fair compensation for the damages and injuries you endured.

Is Compensation Available for My Case?

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Compensation is calculated by multiple variables, such as the extent of your injuries and how long medical treatment will take for you to recover. In order to determine if you’re eligible for compensation, our lawyers have to review the details of your case.

Compensation is typically categorized into two sections: compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are intended to cover the physical or emotional harm caused by another individual.

Special compensatory damages cover monetary expenses such as medical bills, loss of earnings, and loss of future earnings. General compensatory damages, on the other hand, cover non-monetary damages including mental anguish and pain and suffering.

Punitive damages can be awarded in extreme cases where the defendant or organization who caused the injury displayed inappropriate conduct that deserves additional financial punishment.

Statute of Limitations and Shared Fault Laws

The statute of limitations is the amount of time an individual can file a lawsuit against someone who caused them harm. In New Jersey, a person has two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit, however, if you fail to file within those two years you may miss your opportunity to receive compensation.

Also, in New Jersey, there is a “modified comparative negligence” rule. This rule states that if the victim is determined to have any fault for their accident, it will impact the compensation they may receive. For example, if the victim is 20% at fault for their injuries, any compensation they receive can be reduced to account for their share of the blame. However, the victim must not be at fault for more than 50% of their injuries and damages that resulted from the accident.

It’s important to know these laws if you plan to file a lawsuit. If you have been found partly at fault for your injuries, you need to speak with an attorney about the legal options available for your case.

How Can an Attorney Help with My Case?

When you hire a lawyer, they can help you with various aspects of your case including:

  • Gathering evidence such as the police report and any photographs.
  • Talking with any witnesses.
  • Communicating with the insurance company.
  • Making sure you see a medical professional for your injuries.
  • Handling settlement negotiations.

If you try to handle your case without legal representation, you may not receive the full amount you’re entitled to.

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If you’re uncertain if you have an accident case, it’s in your best interest to seek legal guidance. If you have suffered an injury in the Clifton, New Jersey, area, call our office at (973) 279-7246 or fill out our free consultation form.