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Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Personal Injury

Do You Get Good Results for Your Clients?

We get good results for our clients. And whether your case is worth $10,000 or $1,000,000, we’re going to go fight for you. Our experience with the insurance companies is going to put us in a position to get you everything that you deserve.

How Much is My Case Worth?

Everybody wants to know what their case is worth, but you can’t know until you finish treatment. It is a very valid question, but you’re just not going to know until you finish treatment. It’s a process. You’ve got to get treated. You’ve got to get to maximum medical improvement. The doctor’s got to decide whether you have permanency or if you’ve improved. Once we get the final discharge narrative, then we have an idea – once you’ve finished your treatment, we have an idea of what your case is worth. And then we would be better able to evaluate the value of your case.

How Long Until My Case Settles?

It’s hard to say how long it takes a case to settle. But, you go get the treatment, do the testing, do what we tell you to do, there’s a real good chance the case is going to settle within a reasonably short period of time after you’re finished with your treatment.

Will I Have to Go to Court?

Most cases do settle without going to court. But, it’s the threat of taking a case to trial that makes the insurance company do what they’re supposed to do. When you hire me, you’re going to get a law firm working for you that the insurance companies know is willing, and even eager, to fight.

Are There Time Limits for Filing Claims?

Yes there are time limits for filing a lawsuit. And it’s important that you call me right away. Because, there’s a two-year statute on most of these personal injury cases and what you need to do is get started as soon as possible and have an experienced lawyer keep track of those dates so you don’t end up running out of time.

What If I Can’t Afford My Medical Bills?

If you’ve got a case, your medical bills are going to be taken care of by your insurance company, called the “no-fault” carrier. That’s the law in New Jersey. Then, if you don’t have coverage, we’re going to talk to the doctors and see if they’ll see you based on what’s called a “Letter of Protection.” We’re going to get you the treatment; we’re going to get you the tests that you need even if you don’t have the financial resources.

Can I Talk to Mr. Davis?

When you hire me, what you’re going to get is hands-on service. You know, when you go to a law firm, you want to be able to talk to your lawyer; not a secretary, not a paralegal, not an investigator, you want to have the opportunity to talk to the lawyer. At our law office, we make sure that happens and we’ll get things worked out for you.

What Do I Have to Do?

All you have to do is go to the doctor, get your treatment and get your testing. Finish treating and we’ll handle the rest. You leave the hassles and the fighting to us.

Why is it Important to Hire a Lawyer?

The insurance company starts working on that case from the minute that the accident happens. They’ve hired an investigator. They’ve assigned an adjuster. They might even have contacted defense counsel. I know the games that the insurance companies play. I know the tricks that they’re up to. I’m going to get in there and fight and make sure that you get what you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation

Why Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Well, Workers’ Compensation is very different than personal injury where you’re suing a defendant. You can’t sue your employer. You’ve got to make a claim under the Workers’ Compensation laws of the State of New Jersey. That makes it extremely important for you to have a lawyer that’s handled many Workers’ Compensation claims.

What If My Doctor Says I Don’t Need a Lawyer?

From the minute you get injured, the cards are stacked against you. You’ve reported the case to your employer, he’s sent you to a doctor and he’s given you the name of his carrier with an insurance adjuster. All three of those entities are working against you. What you need, is an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer from New Jersey who’s going to represent you. In reality those three entities all have the insurance company’s best interest at heart. We have your best interest at heart.

Am I Suing My Employer?

Absolutely not. In Workers’ Compensation, you’re not allowed to sue your boss. In fact, what you’re doing is “making application” under the Workers’ Compensation laws of the State of New Jersey. Therefore, it’s not as adversarial as a personal injury suit. The system’s set up so the insurance company gets you back to work as soon as possible. You need a lawyer like me to make sure during that process you get everything that you deserve.

Can I Get Fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You should not get fired for making a Worker’s Compensation claim. Most of the time, your employer wants you to get better and wants you to come back to work. We’re here to make sure that you get back to work, but that you get everything you deserve.

Are There Time Limits to File Workers’ Compensation Claims?

The Statute of Limitations for Jew Jersey Worker’s Compensation claims is 2 years. Worker’s Compensation differ from regular personal injury case in that it can be re-opened after the initial settlement. And that rule says that you have the right to reopen your case in the event you need additional treatment after the settlement. You’ve got two years to reopen the case from the date that you receive the check. It’s important that your lawyer keep track of the re-operned Statute of Limitations, and all of the special considerations related to Workers’ Compensation.

What Should I Know About Workers’ Compensation?

I think people would be surprised to find out that Workers’ Compensation is really set up for the benefit of the employer. You need a lawyer to negotiate all the twists and turns that your employer and their insurance company are going to put you through. That’s important if you want to have a successful result in Workers’ Compensation.
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