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If you have been injured in Paterson, New Jersey, you can seek damages. Call Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC, to gather important information about your legal rights following an injury.

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If you find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer in Paterson, New Jersey, Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC, stands out as a firm with the experience and dedication you need. Our firm brings years of valuable experience to the table, having successfully recovered substantial recoveries for our personal injury clients. We understand the nuances and complexities that each case brings, whether your injury was the result of a car crash, an incident at work, or any other scenario where negligence played a role.

We are dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique challenges and hardships that each victim faces. The distress and upheaval following an injury can be overwhelming, and we are here to provide the support and guidance you need through these trying times. Our approach is rooted in a deep commitment to justice and fair compensation for our clients.

Over the years, our firm has demonstrated a consistent track record of significant recoveries. We have successfully secured millions in settlements for our clients in Paterson, Lodi, and throughout New Jersey, a testament to our ability to handle even the most complex and challenging cases effectively. This impressive achievement underscores not just our skill in negotiation and litigation but also our unwavering commitment to securing the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

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What Constitutes a Personal Injury in Paterson, NJ?

In Paterson, New Jersey, personal injury cases encompass a wide variety of situations where an individual suffers harm due to someone else’s negligence or deliberate actions. This legal area covers incidents ranging from everyday occurrences, such as car accidents and slips and falls, to more complex scenarios like medical malpractice and workplace-related injuries.

The fundamental principle underlying a personal injury case is the concept of a duty of care. This legal obligation requires individuals and entities to act with a certain level of care and caution to avoid causing harm to others. When this duty is breached, whether through a negligent act like distracted driving or a deliberate one like assault, and it directly results in injury, the grounds for a personal injury claim are established.

Attorney Peter N. Davis dives into each case to demonstrate the existence of a duty of care, establish how this duty was breached, and link that breach to the injuries sustained by our clients. Our thorough approach ensures that the personal injury victim can rightfully submit a claim and receive compensation for the harm they have endured.

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We’re laser-focused on fighting against insurance companies to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

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We’ve been fighting insurance companies for over five decades. Let us bring that 50 years of knowledge to your case.

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We have a reputation for successful results. In fact, we’ve recovered over $150 million in settlements for our clients.

Recoverable Damages in Personal Injury Claims

In personal injury law, the concept of damages extends far beyond immediate medical expenses.

Economic damages play a significant role in victims’ compensation, including not just medical bills but also lost wages if the injury has impacted your ability to work. This category also includes the cost of property damage, which can be a major factor in cases like automobile accidents. However, the impact of a personal injury often transcends these tangible losses. 

Non-economic damages are equally important and cover the intangible yet profound effects of an injury. This includes compensation for pain and suffering, which accounts for both the immediate and ongoing discomfort caused by the injury. Emotional distress is a non-economic damage that falls under the category of pain and suffering, acknowledging the psychological impact of the injury, which can manifest as anxiety, depression, or even post-traumatic stress. Additionally, loss of enjoyment of life is a significant factor, particularly relevant in cases where the injury impedes the victim’s ability to engage in hobbies, activities, or life roles that were previously sources of joy and fulfillment. 

In cases of particularly egregious conduct, punitive damages may be pursued. Unlike compensatory damages, which aim to make the victim whole, punitive damages are designed to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar conduct in the future. Our role is to comprehensively assess all potential damages in your case, advocating for a settlement or court award that fully addresses the extent of your losses, both economic and non-economic.

When Should You File a Claim?

The timing of filing a personal injury claim in New Jersey is governed by the statute of limitations, which gives 2 years from the date of the injury. This legal deadline defines the window during which you can seek damages with a legal claim. Filing a claim beyond this period typically results in the loss of the right to compensation, regardless of the claim’s validity.

We encourage individuals who have suffered a personal injury in Paterson to seek legal counsel immediately. Early consultation with a Paterson personal injury lawyer not only ensures adherence to the statute of limitations but also allows for the timely gathering of evidence and building of a strong case. Delaying legal action can not only jeopardize your right to file a claim but can also weaken the evidence supporting your case. As memories fade and physical evidence becomes harder to procure, proving the elements of your personal injury claim can become more challenging.

Our firm is committed to providing immediate and effective legal assistance. From the moment you reach out to us, we prioritize evaluating your case, advising on the best course of action, and initiating the necessary legal steps to protect your rights and interests. By acting swiftly and decisively, our Paterson personal injury lawyers aim to enhance the strength of your case and maximize your chances of securing the compensation you deserve. 

How To Prove Liability

In Paterson personal injury cases, establishing liability hinges on three fundamental elements: duty of care, breach of that duty, and causation leading to injury.

  1. Establishing a duty of care involves demonstrating that the defendant had a legal obligation to act in a certain manner towards you as the plaintiff. This duty varies depending on the case’s context. For example, in car accident cases, drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles safely and abide by traffic laws. Similarly, business owners have a duty to maintain safe premises for their customers and employees. Our legal team assesses the specifics of each case to establish the presence of this duty clearly and convincingly.
  2. Once a duty of care is established, demonstrate a breach of that duty. A breach can occur in various forms, such as negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. For instance, a driver who is texting while driving is breaching their duty of care to other road users. In a slip and fall case, a store owner who neglects a spill creates a hazardous environment, breaching their duty to customers. Our Paterson personal injury lawyers gather the necessary evidence to show this breach. This may include obtaining surveillance footage, accident scene photographs, and witness accounts that clearly depict the negligent actions.
  3. Causation requires showing that this breach of duty directly resulted in your injuries. Medical evidence often plays a huge role. We meticulously collect and present medical records, expert medical opinions, and other relevant documentation to establish a clear link between the breach of duty and the injuries you sustained. We must prove that the injuries were not pre-existing and were indeed a consequence of the defendant’s actions.

Personal Injury FAQs

Yes, your lawyer can file a personal injury claim on your behalf. This includes handling all the legal paperwork, negotiating with insurance companies, and representing you in court if necessary.

It’s impossible to estimate the exact settlement amount for a personal injury claim as each case is unique. However, our Paterson personal injury attorneys at Peter N. Davis & Associates have experience handling similar cases and can provide insights based on past results during your free case review.

While not mandatory, having a lawyer significantly increases your chances of obtaining the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Paterson Today

If you have suffered an injury in Paterson, NJ, due to someone else’s negligence, you need to have a team of experienced personal injury lawyers like Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC, by your side. We understand that dealing with the aftermath of an injury can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, and our goal is to ease that burden by providing comprehensive legal support.

Advocating for the Rights of Injury Victims 

Our firm is deeply committed to advocating for the rights of injury victims. We take pride in leveraging our extensive experience and resources to build a strong case on your behalf. From conducting thorough investigations to gathering evidence, our team works diligently to ensure every aspect of your claim is handled correctly. 

Clear and Open Client Communication

At Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC, we also prioritize clear and open communication with our clients. We believe in keeping you informed and involved throughout the legal process, ensuring that you understand each step and decision made in your case. Our aim is not only to secure fair compensation for your injuries but also to provide a sense of justice and closure. 

Effectively Negotiate with Insurance Companies and Opposing Counsel

One of our key strengths lies in our ability to negotiate effectively with insurance companies and opposing counsel. We understand the tactics used to minimize compensation, and we are skilled in countering these strategies to secure the best possible outcome for you. Whether your case requires settlement negotiations or aggressive representation in court, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf. 

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

5 Star Reviews

I was with my son about to get to the cash register and there was a puddle of water that I didn’t see and I slipped and fell. After I fell, I was in physical therapy for six months. I called Peter’s office and Peter started working for me right away. I don’t think the insurance company would have been fair with me if I didn’t have a good lawyer. I would recommend the Peter Davis law firm to anyone who was injured in an accident.

5 Star Reviews

I was at a red light and a driver came up behind and rear-ended my vehicle. Immediately after the accident, I called Peter Davis’ office and he started working on my case right away. His staff was very conscientious to the issue and I just felt very comfortable with dealing with his entire office. He really did a great job in helping me. First thing I would do is find yourself a good attorney like Peter Davis. Peter did a great job with the insurance company. He really fought hard for me.

5 Star Reviews

I was in the car, I was the passenger, we were stopped about five cars back from the stop sign and all of the sudden we got hit from behind… And it was a girl that was talking on her cell phone. My car insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ My private health insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ Without a lawyer I would probably still be out there wondering why I was still hurting, why I was still having problems and what was I going to do? Peter has contacted the insurance companies. He has gone with me to doctor’s appointments. They have really gone above and beyond. We need people like Peter Davis to help us.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving on Route 46. A guy was on his cell phone and didn’t realize everyone had stopped or slowed in front of him, so full blast, he hit me in the back. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and he started working for me right away. Peter took the case to arbitration and forced the insurance company to give me a good settlement.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving in Hoboken and was preparing to stop at a stop sign and before I got to the stop sign, I was rear-ended. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and they started working for me right away. Large insurance companies are not looking out for the consumer. I needed Peter Davis to help me out. Mr. Davis fought hard for me and got me the money that I deserved.

5 Star Reviews

I was in a terrible car accident. Immediately after that, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The insurance company treated me unfairly. They refused to pay for my surgery and Mr. Davis made them. If you get into an accident, it’s very important for you to pick someone to be your voice and defend your rights and I suggest Mr. Davis. When I came to Mr. Davis, I was treated with respect, like I was one of his family members, and I really loved him for that.


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If you find yourself dealing with the challenges of a personal injury in Paterson, NJ, remember that you do not have to face this alone. Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC is here to stand with you. Contact us today to schedule your free case review and take the first step toward seeking the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. With our dedication and proven track record, we are committed to helping you through this difficult time, ensuring that your rights are protected and your voice is heard.

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