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How to Maximize Your Chance at Fair Compensation After an Accident in Paterson, NJ

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You are likely to feel many different kinds of emotions as you attempt to navigate the legal arena of personal injury law. Managing these emotions is often made more difficult by the struggle to overcome the effects of even the mildest injury. It is therefore very important that you do not approach the issue alone. For those living in the New Jersey area, having access to a trained personal injury lawyer in Paterson is crucial if you hope to get fair and just compensation.

The lawyers you will find at Peter Davis & Associates have many years of experience among them and we look forward to passing along our expertise. We can start by telling you more about what to do when first submitting a claim.

Stay Calm During Initial Conversations

Before submitting a personal injury claim, you will need to notify the responsible parties, detailing to them that you have been injured and therefore intend on submitting a claim. You will then likely hear back from an insurance company. Now more than ever is the time to stay calm, no matter how aggravated or in pain you might be.

Always start by identifying the person with whom you are speaking. This includes recording all relevant information, such as the speaker’s name, address, direct line, etc. However, you should not be antagonistic. Remain calm and respond to all queries politely. At the very least, this courtesy will make handling your particular case all the smoother and could even generate good will later down the line as you fight for compensation.

Watch What You Say

During these initial conversations, it is crucial that you give out only limited personal information. This typically covers your name and contact information. Anything else, including your profession, income or family and medical history, should be saved for another time.

Along these same lines, do not discuss details of the accident whenever possible. This is especially true when dealing with another party’s insurance company, though you might be obligated by your policy to discuss accident details with your own provider.

Watch What You Sign

You need to be very careful that you do not sign anything sent to you by another party’s insurance company. Even if they say that certain forms are normal parts of the adjustment procedure, you still need to be wary of possibly giving out access to your personal and medical records. All such forms you receive should first go through a lawyer.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Paterson

If you hope to receive just compensation for your personal injury, it is vital that you use only the best attorneys possible. For anyone looking for a personal injury attorney in Paterson, this means turning to Peter Davis & Associates.

Our professional legal team has been responsible for positively changing the lives of countless clients. We could do the same for you. All it takes to get started is to contact one of our representatives directly and tell us a little more about your case. From there we will be able to assess your options at length.