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Brain Injury

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Brain injury cases are some of the most difficult to manage physically and emotionally. The devastating effects from a brain injury can leave you or your loved one’s life and family forever changed. Its symptoms can be subtle or disastrous and may exist temporarily or for the rest of the victim’s life. Because of the brain’s vast complexity and capabilities, it continues to be a challenge to scientists who are working to fully understand it and the ways it is injured. This lack of complete understanding makes it nearly impossible to quantify the long-term effects of brain injury and determine a financial value for a brain injury case.

If you are dealing with the effects of a traumatic brain injury, you may need help understanding your options and your changed life. Our law firm has the knowledge and experience in this highly specialized area to make sure your case is resolved fairly.

Traumatic Injury, Devastating Effects

Closed head injuries can be caused by car accidents (or any accident), falls, sports activities, and violence. In addition to what’s noticeably damaged at the moment of injury, brain trauma involves secondary injuries that develop across the minutes and days following the initial blow. Those secondary injuries can involve pressure within the skull and changes to the cerebral blood flow.

Symptoms of a brain injury (also called Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI) are numerous and vary depending on severity. Any brain trauma, though, disrupts brain function and can lead to dizziness, impaired memory and judgment, depression, nausea, slowed thinking, emotional outbursts, inattention, excessive sleepiness, and diminished libido. Generally, these symptoms lessen over time as the brain heals but, in some cases, TBI symptoms worsen.

Trying to determine and explain what symptoms result from brain damage and what symptoms result from other causes is complicated. Symptoms that seem to relate to the injury may actually be the side effects of medicines, migraine headaches, other pain in the body, depression, preoccupation with job status, or the stress of financial loss and ongoing litigation. Regardless of those variables, TBI affects the family of its victim equally or worse than the victim. Interpersonal relationships are strained as everyone copes with the physical and emotional changes in the injured loved one.

Convincing a Jury

Making a case strong enough to recover damages from a brain injury case requires the help of an experienced legal team. Some lingering symptoms of the injury, such as impaired motor skills or speech impediment, may be readily apparent in the victim, but a number of symptoms may be discovered only through standardized tests or other methods.

The most difficult to prove symptom is personality change in the brain injury victim. Our legal team will call on you or your loved one’s family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors to paint a picture of what is different since the injury. We also confer with brain injury experts and medical specialists in order to build an understandable and convincing case should we need to go before a jury.

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