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Were You Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

If you were hurt after falling at your favorite restaurant or store, in a parking lot, or at another public or private place, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Let us fight for you!

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Whether you’re visiting a friend, going to the store or a restaurant, or even just walking on the sidewalk, you deserve a reasonable degree of safety. If you get hurt because the person responsible for maintaining an area failed in their responsibilities, you have rights and may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

However, these cases can be tricky so it’s important to have help from a Lodi, NJ, slip and fall lawyer to give you the best chance at receiving full compensation for your losses. Call Peter N. Davis and Associates at 973-279-7246, or fill out our online form, to discuss your case and your options today.

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You have rights, and you deserve to be compensated for your losses. We’ll fight to get every penny you’re rightfully owed.

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We work on a contingency-fee basis. This means there are no upfront costs and no fees at all unless we win your case.

We Know You’re Hurting

When a slip and fall goes beyond a bump and bruise, you can face injuries that turn your entire life upside down. From soft tissue injuries to paralysis, a slip and fall injury can make it so you’re unable to work and do everyday activities. If this has happened to you or someone you love, we know you’re hurting, and we’re here to help.

You could be entitled to significant compensation for your medical bills, your pain and suffering, and your lost wages. Sadly, receiving that compensation can be easier said than done, especially when you’re dealing with serious injuries. That’s where our Lodi, NJ, slip and fall lawyers at Peter N. Davis and Associates come in. Whether you’ve been injured in Lodi, Clifton, or anywhere in New Jersey, we’re here to handle the legal process for you, so you can focus on your recovery.

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5 Star Reviews

I was at a red light and a driver came up behind and rear-ended my vehicle. Immediately after the accident, I called Peter Davis’ office and he started working on my case right away. His staff was very conscientious to the issue and I just felt very comfortable with dealing with his entire office. He really did a great job in helping me. First thing I would do is find yourself a good attorney like Peter Davis. Peter did a great job with the insurance company. He really fought hard for me.

5 Star Reviews

I was in a terrible car accident. Immediately after that, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The insurance company treated me unfairly. They refused to pay for my surgery and Mr. Davis made them. If you get into an accident, it’s very important for you to pick someone to be your voice and defend your rights and I suggest Mr. Davis. When I came to Mr. Davis, I was treated with respect, like I was one of his family members, and I really loved him for that.

5 Star Reviews

I was with my son about to get to the cash register and there was a puddle of water that I didn’t see and I slipped and fell. After I fell, I was in physical therapy for six months. I called Peter’s office and Peter started working for me right away. I don’t think the insurance company would have been fair with me if I didn’t have a good lawyer. I would recommend the Peter Davis law firm to anyone who was injured in an accident.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving on Route 46. A guy was on his cell phone and didn’t realize everyone had stopped or slowed in front of him, so full blast, he hit me in the back. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and he started working for me right away. Peter took the case to arbitration and forced the insurance company to give me a good settlement.

5 Star Reviews

I was in the car, I was the passenger, we were stopped about five cars back from the stop sign and all of the sudden we got hit from behind… And it was a girl that was talking on her cell phone. My car insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ My private health insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ Without a lawyer I would probably still be out there wondering why I was still hurting, why I was still having problems and what was I going to do? Peter has contacted the insurance companies. He has gone with me to doctor’s appointments. They have really gone above and beyond. We need people like Peter Davis to help us.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving in Hoboken and was preparing to stop at a stop sign and before I got to the stop sign, I was rear-ended. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and they started working for me right away. Large insurance companies are not looking out for the consumer. I needed Peter Davis to help me out. Mr. Davis fought hard for me and got me the money that I deserved.


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Hurt After a Slip and Fall?

Don’t wait another minute to get the legal help you need! If you’ve been hurt in a fall that was someone else’s fault, let us help you fight for justice today.

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Common Slip and Fall Injuries: Did This Happen to You?

Most people associate a slip and fall with a skinned knee. In truth, these accidents can cause severe and even life-threatening injuries. If you’ve suffered these or any other serious injuries, you may have legal options available.

Who Is Responsible for Your Fall?

Slip and fall accidents can happen for a number of reasons but, many times, they are avoidable. When you visit someone else’s property, the tenant, manager, or property owner has a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe environment. If a potentially dangerous situation arises, like ice, a spill, or loose carpet, and they fail to address the situation or properly warn visitors of the hazard and you fall and get hurt as a result, they may be held liable.

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How Can a Premises Liability Attorney Help?

While property owners are responsible for the safety of their visitors, you have to be able to prove that your accident was caused by someone else’s failure to address a dangerous situation. To have a successful slip and fall case, you must prove that the dangerous condition existed for long enough that the property owner knew or should have known about it and that they failed to take reasonable action to keep people safe.

It’s also important to keep in mind that in the state of New Jersey, the law of comparative negligence can also affect your slip and fall case. This law states that if you share a percentage of responsibility for your accident, your compensation may be reduced by that percentage. For example, if you’re found to be 30 percent at fault for your fall, any compensation you’re entitled to will likely be reduced by 30 percent.

Navigating complicated laws and proving the property owner’s responsibility for your fall can be incredibly difficult. This is why it’s so important to have the right premises liability lawyer on your side. An attorney can help build your case so that you have the best chance of recovering everything you’re entitled to. If you’ve been hurt in a fall on someone else’s property and need help with your case, don’t wait to contact Peter N. Davis and Associates for the help that you need and deserve.

What Compensation Can I Get?

The first question almost every personal injury lawyer gets during a case review is, “How much is my case worth?” While we cannot answer with specific numbers until we look at your case, we can give you some idea of the types of compensation you may be able to recover.

Medical Expenses

The most straightforward type of compensation you can seek is your medical bills. Medical bills include expenses from your visits to the doctor, medications, medical procedures like physical therapy and surgeries, transportation to and from your medical appointments, and other medical care-related expenses.

Lost Wages

Many injured people also seek compensation for their lost wages. This includes wages that you haven’t been able to earn since you were injured or in recovery. If you are permanently or temporarily disabled from your injuries, this could also include the wages you would have earned in the future that you won’t earn due to your continued injury.

Other Losses and Injuries

Next are “invisible injuries.” These include losses like emotional trauma, damage to your relationships like loss of consortium and loss of comfort or companionship, loss of your ability to enjoy life, PTSD, mood swings, and other emotional damages like pain and suffering that are not as easy to give financial value.

Understanding what compensation you can seek can become very confusing, and it takes a knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced Northern New Jersey attorney to ensure you are seeking the maximum possible compensation. That’s why we’re here. We’ve recovered millions in compensation for our clients over our years of business. Get in touch with us today so we can fight for you, too!

Did You Get Injured on Someone Else’s Property?

If you were seriously hurt after a slip and fall on someone else’s property, Peter N. Davis & Associates law firm will fight for your right to compensation for the harm you have suffered.

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What Comes Next?

Give us a call or fill out our online form to get a free case review. You don’t even have to leave your home! We can review your case on the phone. We can come to you. Or, we can even have an online video chat. Whatever is most comfortable and convenient for you, we can accommodate.

Next, we need to build your case. It’s important that we have the strongest possible case to pursue a settlement for you because New Jersey uses a concept called “modified comparative negligence.” Under this New Jersey law, the amount of responsibility you share in a slip and fall accident cannot be greater than that of the person who caused your injuries. In simple terms, this just means that if you are 50% or more responsible for the accident, you won’t have a right to compensation.

In addition, any settlement you receive will be reduced by the percentage of responsibility you hold. That means if you are 10% responsible, you will only get 90% of the final settlement value.

For that reason, we must gather enough evidence to support a strong case for you. We will put together witness testimony, medical records, documents, photographs of the scene, doctors’ testimony, and even journals that you keep of your struggles. Anything we can get to support your case, we will handle it.

This is the part of your case that can take a long time, but we ask for your patience and we will keep you informed and involved as much as you like the entire time. First, we will issue a letter to the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. In this letter, we will outline how much your settlement is worth, and why we think you deserve that amount. They will respond, usually with a lowball offer, and pick apart our demand letter.

From there begins a back-and-forth process that can sometimes take months as we negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Peter N. Davis & Associates have been advocating for injured New Jerseyans for decades, so you can trust that we will be advocating for you every step of the way.

No matter how hard we work to negotiate your settlement, sometimes negotiations break down and we must go to court. Going to court is extremely rare for slip and fall cases because court cases tend to be long, drawn-out, and expensive. We will only advise going to court if we cannot negotiate the fair settlement you truly deserve.

If we do have to go to court, however, be assured that we will be your loyal advocate. We’ve been fighting insurance companies since 1989, and we are ready to stand up for your rights.

Once a settlement is reached, it’s time to receive that check! Our team will work to prevent any delays in receiving your check. We understand how important this settlement is as you heal from your injuries, so we will make sure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

Were You Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

If you were in an accident on someone else’s property that wasn’t your fault, you have legal rights to compensation. Let us fight for you!

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Slip and Fall FAQs

Every state has a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including slip and fall cases. This is a time frame that states the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit against the other party. In New Jersey, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit for your injuries.

The property owner will likely have a big insurance company on their side who will work hard to pay you as little as possible or escape liability entirely. Having an experienced Lodi, NJ, slip and fall lawyer in your corner will help even the playing field and give you the best chance at getting the full amount you deserve.

You don’t have to talk to the property owner’s insurance adjuster and it’s important that you never agree to or sign anything they give you unless you’ve spoken with an attorney first. In many cases, it’s much better simply to refer the insurance adjuster directly to your lawyer. At Peter N. Davis and Associates, we know how to stand up to their tactics and will fight to protect your best interests.

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you could be compensated for a wide range of damages, including your medical bills, lost wages and future earnings, pain and suffering, depression, panic attacks, lost relationships and comfort, and more. An attorney can evaluate your case and help you determine what you’re owed.

It’s difficult to know upfront exactly how long it will take to resolve a case, so it’s important to be as patient as possible and contact a lawyer for help. Negotiating a fair settlement in these situations often requires you to wait to find out how long your medical treatment will last and there will likely be a lot of back and forth between your lawyer and the other party’s insurance company. Be assured, though, that our lawyers will fight every step of the way to protect your rights and get you justice as quickly and efficiently as we can.

If you’ve been injured in an accident on a friend or family member’s property, you may be hesitant to open a claim and damage your relationship. A common misconception with personal injury cases is that you’re suing the property owner, but you’re actually suing the insurance company. Insurance is designed to financially protect the property owner in the event of an accident, so your loved one isn’t personally paying out of pocket for your compensation.

Slip and fall accidents can be complex when it comes to fault. Premises liability is a legal term that states that a property owner or business owner is responsible for injuries that occur on the property, so fault depends on who is responsible for maintaining the safety of the property. For example, a landlord may be responsible for most maintenance on the property, but the renter may be responsible for maintaining the safety of the steps where you fell. Regardless of where you were, our team is here to help you determine who was at fault for your injury and help you seek the compensation you’re entitled to.

Slip and fall injuries in the workplace can be complicated. A workers’ compensation claim may be necessary to pay medical expenses and replace lost wages in some cases. However, some falls that occur on company property are the fault of another company, such as an outsourced maintenance company responsible for snow removal. You can seek compensation from their insurance. In these cases, it’s best to get the help of an experienced Lodi, NJ, slip and fall lawyer.

Cities and municipalities have a responsibility to maintain the safety of streets, sidewalks, and government buildings. If you were injured by slipping and falling on a broken sidewalk, for example, you may be able to seek compensation from the city. However, these cases have strict deadlines and requirements, so it’s important to speak to a lawyer to help you pursue what you deserve.

While injuries resulting from street crime are separate from injury claims, premises liability may be involved. If the property owner provided insufficient security, such as inadequate lighting in a parking lot, that could have encouraged criminal activity leading to a slip and fall injury. It’s important to remember that these cases are complicated and completely separate from the criminal case. Our lawyers at Peter N. Davis & Associates can help you determine if a slip and fall injury claim is appropriate for your circumstances.

Patient slip and fall injuries in nursing facilities and hospitals are common, but seeking compensation is complex. Falls that occur in these environments can result from improper building or premises maintenance or staff carelessness, recklessness, or abuse, making the cases unique. These injuries can occur during short hospital stays, outpatient care, or long-term nursing care. Our experienced attorneys can review the details of the case to determine if the accident was caused by the carelessness of staff or the property owners and whether a premises liability case is the right choice for you.

Negligence is a legal term that means proving that the other side was responsible. There are three things we have to prove to show negligence in your case:

  • The first thing we prove is that the other party had a responsibility to provide a safe environment. This is the easiest to establish, especially in a slip and fall case.
  • Next, we have to prove that they did not uphold that responsibility by failing to address a dangerous situation, and that this led to the accident. For example, if a loose bit of carpet on the stairs causes you to trip, and the other party should have known that it was there but failed to fix it or warn you about it, they have violated their responsibility.
  • Finally, we need to show that you got hurt and that your injuries are a direct result of the accident.

You are responsible for paying your medical bills, even if someone else caused your injuries. But, you have a right to seek the compensation you recover the expenses you have paid.

There are options if you are worried about covering your medical bills. If you have private health care coverage, your insurance carrier may cover your bills while we seek a settlement in some cases. Either your health insurance carrier will pay the bills or they will become part of the money damages and get paid at the end of the case.

If you have worries about paying your medical bills, talk to Peter N. Davis & Associates! Our Northern New Jersey attorneys can advise you on how to best go about covering your bills while we seek compensation for your injuries. Get your free case review today to get started at no cost!