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Tips For More Comfortable Seat Belt Usage

Despite the positive statistics associated with seat belts saving lives in car accidents, only 88 percent of people in New Jersey use a seat belt when riding in a vehicle. This is slightly higher than the national average of 86 percent. While 88 percent is great, this means that just over one in ten people in our state are not wearing a seat belt while on the road. Some people claim they do not use a seat belt because it is uncomfortable. Because of that, we would like to offer tips for making your seat belt more comfortable.

  • Sit up straight in your seat. Slouching or leaning back in the seat can make the seat belt sit uncomfortably on the body.
  • Adjust the shoulder belt height. Many vehicles allow you to move the shoulder belt up or down, depending upon your height. The shoulder belt should go across your upper chest. Adjusting the initial height of the belt can ensure a safer and more comfortable fit.
  • If your seat belts are torn or heavily worn, they are going to be uncomfortable and unsafe. Have them replaced. It is best to have this done by a mechanic.
  • Padded seat belt covers may help if the seat belt is rubbing against your neck or otherwise uncomfortable. This can be especially helpful for children who are switching from car seats to booster seats or who are transitioning away from a booster seat.
  • Make it a habit. If you do not normally wear a seat belt, it might feel uncomfortable or confining at first. As you make it a habit to buckle-up, wearing your seat belt will be less and less of an annoyance. Eventually, the seat belt will no longer bother you at all.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, even when you are practicing vehicle safety. If you were injured in a crash, a New Jersey car accident attorney can help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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