A factory worker in New Jersey lies on the ground in pain after a work-related accident.

Your Guide To Filing A Work-Related Accident Report in New Jersey

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A factory worker in New Jersey lies on the ground in pain after a work-related accident.

When you’re in an on-the-job accident, you may feel unsure about what steps you can take to protect your workers’ compensation benefits and set yourself up for a quick recovery. Since workers’ compensation benefits are likely the only form of compensation you will receive for your injuries, it’s essential that you understand the first step in the workers’ comp process: filling out a work-related accident report.

Follow this guide provided by the New Jersey workers’ comp attorneys at Peter N. Davis & Associates to be sure you take the right steps when filling out your accident report to get the maximum benefits you deserve.

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Don’t Wait To File Your Report

Your accident report should be completed as soon as you realize you’ve been injured at work. Your supervisor should provide you with a copy of the report to fill out after you make them aware of the accident that caused your injury.

If your employer does not have a copy of the report, you can print a copy yourself from your state’s workers’ compensation board

It’s best to file this report as soon as possible, regardless of whether the deadline is approaching soon or not. Waiting too long to fill out and turn in your report could result in you losing your eligibility to receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve. At best, waiting to turn the form in will delay your benefits, so be sure to get started immediately.

What To Include

An experienced New Jersey worker’s compensation lawyer helps a client fill out an accident report.

Your work-related accident report requires you to include your personal information and a detailed account of your accident. You will need to provide thorough information about the following:

  • who was involved in your accident
  • how the accident happened
  • where the accident happened (e.g. in the stockroom, on Main St. while driving the delivery van, at a client’s house, etc.)
  • the date and time of the accident
  • the nature of your injury, including the parts of the body affected
  • any medical treatment you’ve received

Providing this information in detail will make it easier for the claims adjuster to get the most information about your injury and approve your claim for the full benefits you need to recover.

Maintain Your Records

You’ve filled out the report with the necessary information and given it to your employer to formally notify them of your injuries, but your work isn’t done just yet. 

While it is your employer’s responsibility to fill out their own form and file it with the workers’ compensation office, being vigilant about keeping up with all records that have to do with your accident will give you an advantage if there are any discrepancies in your claim.

Documents you should keep related to your work injury include your medical records, pay stubs, time sheets, forms you’ve filled out, notices you receive, receipts for your out-of-pocket expenses, and a log of notes on how the injury affects your ability to work. Don’t throw anything away, even the postmarked envelopes that you receive correspondence in.

When you’re documenting how the injury affects you, include direct comparisons of your ability to perform specific tasks before and after your accident. Also, write down the dates and topics of any discussions you have about your condition.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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After your employer submits all of the appropriate documents, the claims administrator should contact you shortly to let you know if your claim was accepted and how much you will receive in workers’ compensation benefits.

If you’re having difficulties filing your claim or receiving appropriate compensation for your needs in Paterson, Lodi, or anywhere else across New Jersey, consider the help of a workers’ compensation attorney from Peter N. Davis & Associates. Workers’ compensation claims aren’t always as straightforward as they may appear, and our experienced team of attorneys can be your compassionate guide through this complex process.