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Thanksgiving Safety Tips To Follow This Holiday Season

If you’re like many, you can’t wait for the Thanksgiving season to arrive. Crisp autumn weather, delicious food and time spent with the people you love the most are just a few reasons Thanksgiving is such a popular holiday. However, in addition to these features, Thanksgiving is also a time of the year when people […]

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Slip and Fall: Do You Have A Case?

Few accidents are more damaging than a slip and fall accident. After these accidents, it’s likely you will be left with severe injuries and the need to pay hefty medical bills while not being able to work. Although many falls occur due to simple clumsiness, it’s also possible to suffer a slip and fall accident […]

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Can Workers’ Compensation Benefits Be Taxed?

When a person starts receiving workers’ comp benefits, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. However, one of the most important is if your benefits can be taxed. While workers’ comp benefits are generally tax-free, there are certain circumstances where a tax may be levied, making it a good idea to examine […]

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Medical Malpractice or Product Liability, What’s The Difference?

Author: Mitch Williams, Esq., Harris & Graves When you receive medical care in a hospital, you assume that your condition will be treated safely and correctly. Unfortunately, it’s extremely common to suffer an injury in a hospital, especially due to a faulty medical device. If you’ve been injured by a medical device in a hospital […]

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Will I Have To Pay Taxes On My Car Accident Settlement?

Being involved in a vehicle accident is one of the most trying experiences of a person’s life, particularly if the accident resulted in a severe injury. In many car accidents, the victim chooses to file a personal injury claim and may receive a vehicle accident settlement. If you’ve received a settlement after a car accident, […]

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What If I Get Hurt On The Job?

When you’re hurt on the job or sustain an illness due to work-related activities, there are important steps that you need to take in order to protect your rights and ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your losses. It’s important to understand what these steps are and what rights you have as an injured […]

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Be Aware Of Medical Malpractice Through Surgical Errors

Medical issues are stressful and frightening for many different reasons. Concerns over how the condition will affect you long-term, how the issue may affect your family and how you’ll pay for the treatment are just a few of a very long list of concerns. Unfortunately, concerns over mistakes made during surgery is another major concern […]

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Motorcycle Accidents: Learn The Common Causes

With the never ending road construction, constant traffic hazards and distracted drivers on the road, driving a motorcycle can be risky business. It is, nevertheless, a popular and widely-enjoyed method of commuting. The more you know about the causes of motorcycle accidents, the better you’ll be able to try and prevent them. Let’s take a […]

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Motorcycle Defects: What You Should Know After Your Accident

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents are caused by a defective product rather than a collision or road hazard. In these cases, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses via a defective product claim. As with any legal claim, you want to record and document as much of the evidence as you can to make your […]

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Who Is Liable When You Slip and Fall On The Sidewalk?

Out of all the different types of personal injury claims that an individual could be involved with, the most common is a slip and fall accident. There are thousands of slip and fall accidents every year, and while the majority of them occur in the home, it is also possible that you will fall and […]

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