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Car Accident Caused by Cell Phones in New Jersey

Over the past several years, the media has been quick to cover stories about cell phone use behind the wheel. People are quick to demonize this practice and perhaps for good reason. Cell phones are a revolutionary technology but operating them while driving can lead to some pretty serious negative outcomes. If you’ve been involved […]

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Insurance Adjusters Role in an Injury Claim

When you get hurt in an accident, regardless of whose fault it is, you’re likely going to have to deal with an insurance adjuster somewhere along the way. You’ll need to report the accident to the insurance company, who in turn will need to evaluate your claim to determine the amount of payout, or indeed […]

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Truck Accidents: The Causes and Complications

Trucking accidents are epidemic on our roadways. Even worse, they tend to be among the most devastating and catastrophic injuries one can have, due to the sheer size and momentum of the vehicles involved. When you’re in an accident with a big rig, you can end up with life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, collecting compensation for the […]

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in New Jersey?

It’s very painful any time you lose a loved one, but it’s even worse when there was no reason for them to pass away. When they lose their life because someone else behaved in a reprehensible, irresponsible or negligent manner, your whole life is thrown into an upheaval from which it can take a long […]

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Your Rights In Obtaining Medical Records

When you’re involved in a lawsuit, your medical records can become key factors. This is particularly true in cases like personal injury suits where you have to track medical treatments and recovery, or malpractice suits where they form the basis of the whole thing. You may, however, also need to get hold of those records […]

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Avoid a Major Accident with Easy Winter Safety Tips

Winter is one of the best seasons of the year, particularly if you’re the type of person that’s invigorated by the cold weather. Featuring some of the year’s most exciting holidays and opportunities to spend time with your friends and family, winter is a season filled with joy. Unfortunately, it’s also a season that’s filled […]

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Top Christmas Tree Safety Tips For Avoiding A Fire

During the Christmas season, there’s nothing better than setting up your Christmas tree. The perfect tree can add to the festiveness of your home and improve your enjoyment of the season, making it the most important Christmas decoration. However, as you’re probably aware, a Christmas tree can also be a fire hazard, particularly if you […]

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Staying Secure in Adverse Driving Conditions

When you go for a drive in your vehicle, one of the primary issues that you need to keep in mind is how you can stay safe. Safe driving is always important, but it is particularly crucial when you encounter adverse weather conditions while out on the road. Adverse weather is a huge cause of […]

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips to Follow this Holiday Season

If you’re like many, you can’t wait for the Thanksgiving season to arrive. Crisp autumn weather, delicious food and time spent with the people you love the most are just a few reasons Thanksgiving is such a popular holiday. However, in addition to these features, Thanksgiving is also a time of the year when people […]

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Slip and Fall: Do you Have a Case?

Few accidents are more damaging than a slip and fall accident. After these accidents, it’s likely you will be left with severe injuries and the need to pay hefty medical bills while not being able to work. Although many falls occur due to simple clumsiness, it’s also possible to suffer a slip and fall accident […]

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