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What Damages Are Available In A Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful Death Case | Peter N. Davis & Associates LLC

Regardless of who you are or even where you live, losing a loved one can be a devastating experience. What can make matters worse is if the death was sudden and the deceased was the head of the household. Most families in this situation will find their worlds quickly turned upside down, and making it through the process unscathed can prove to be a tall order indeed.

Because of this, it is very important that families dealing with such losses understand what options exactly are available to them. This is especially important to determine if you are potentially dealing with a wrongful death case, as it could go a long way in figuring out what kind of compensation is owed to you and your family.

Turning to a professional legal firm will help during this time, and if you allow us, the team at Peter Davis & Associates would like to help you learn more about your wrongful death case options.

What Is a Wrongful Death Case?

Though the particular legal wording will vary state by state, a wrongful death occurs when an individual dies because of the actions or inactions of another individual or company. If you are going to pursue this option, you will want to assess the nature of the deceased’s passing with a trained legal team. Having done so, you can then file a wrongful death case and enter your state’s civil court system.

What Are the Damages Available?

Depending on how the death occurred and what kinds of expenses piled up as a result, your individual damages can grow to pretty high figures. Keep in mind that hospital costs associated with the deceased’s injuries or any lost wages or funeral expenses can be covered as well. By assessing the individual impact on the deceased’s next kin, you can further sue for more. It also goes without saying that the death of a head of household will lead to big damage settlements.

Some states even allow for a provision known as “loss of consortium.” This means that you can sue for damages related to the cost of denying immediate family members the presence of the deceased, usually relating more to cases when an adult has died and left their minor children without a parent. These claims can be hard to assess, however, and you see them few and far between.

Want to Learn More About Your Wrongful Death Case?

It is never easy emotionally when you lose a loved one to a sudden accident or injury. Nor is it easy to process financially. Medical and related expenses can soar through the roof following a death, and it is of the utmost importance that you have trained legal counsel at your side to guide you through the turmoil of a wrongful death case while helping you to get over your grief.

At Peter Davis & Associates, we have years of experience in the industry, and we have handled a whole variety of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. So if you have further questions or would like to look into your options, contact a representative today and tell us about your case.

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