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A New Jersey Car Accident Attorney Describes Drunk Driving Crashes

It’s said that drunk drivers risk the lives of 112 million people every year, and according to the Center for Disease Control, 10,000 people are killed annually by intoxicated drivers.

Party Host Liability

If someone is injured by a drunk driver who just left a private party, he may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the party’s host. This is done successfully if it is proven that the host served alcohol without concern for the potential consequences or knew that the driver was intoxicated before leaving the party.

Dram Shop Liability

New Jersey is one of several states that have dram shop laws. These laws are meant to hold any establishment that serves alcohol partially responsible for drunk driving accidents caused by their customers. Businesses can be named in lawsuits if victims can prove the staff knew a customer was drunk, but served drinks anyway, or if their staff knew or should have known they were serving alcohol to a minor.

Punitive Damages

Drunk driving victims may be eligible to receive punitive damages under state law if the driver was found guilty of gross negligence. This is meant to be a punishment for drivers in hopes they won’t drive drunk ever again, and the money is in addition to any compensation victims are awarded for physical and emotional injuries.

Why You Need to Contact a New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer Immediately

The quicker we can begin to investigate a personal injury case that involves a drunk driver, the better. We’ll look into the driver’s history and background along with how much he had to drink, where he was drinking, and with whom. If you have been the victim of a drunk driver, please contact us to discuss your case.

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