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Everything You Need to Know About Negligence and Your Personal Injury Claim

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Persons do not think about accidental events, regularly, taking place.  This is to say persons are injured and property is damaged.  When a car accident occurs, one of the primary questions that comes to mind is:  Which party was at fault?  The legal concept of negligence, with respect to these particular type of accidental events, are reviewed by the injured party’s legal team.

Negligence as it applies to injury claims:

Negligence is a relative term; used to describe the conduct of the individual that creates a situation that is unsafe with respect to other parties.  When an individual is negligent and his lack of reasonable care is the causation wherein another individual suffers injury; then he or she is responsible for the injury and associated damages of the other individual.

When an injured party and his or her representative New Jersey legal team wish to prevail with respect to a claim, he or she must, accordingly, prove the following:

  • The defendant owed a duty in way of reasonable care as to the other party’s well-being or assuring conditions remained safe;
  • The defendant, however, failed to act with reasonable care and, in turn, breached his or her duty to the plaintiff in acting in a safe and responsible manner.  One example of when a guilty driver has breached his duty toward the plaintiff, in acting in a safe and responsible manner is when he or she drives while intoxicated.
  • Third, it must be proven that the breach made by the defendant was the true cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Fourth, it must be shown that the defendant’s breach was the proximate cause of the injuries incurred by the plaintiff.  (What the preceding means is that the defendant knew that his or her reckless behavior would cause injury to the plaintiff.)
  • Fifth, it must be also shown that the plaintiff actually suffered injuries, as a result of the accident, which he or she has a claim with respect to damages.

The five elements listed above must be proven in order that the plaintiff has a shot at winning his or her case:  If he or she wins, then the defendant is responsible to pay the plaintiff compensation for injuries and damages.

Persons involved in a New Jersey automobile accident are encouraged to contact a New Jersey car accident attorney in order to pursue reasonable compensation as a result of their respective injuries and associated damages.  The injured party is wise to have adequate legal counsel on his or her side.

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