car damaged after an accident in Paterson, NJ

How Do I Get the Most Money From a Car Accident in Paterson, NJ?

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car damaged after an accident in Paterson, NJ

When you’re injured in a car accident, it’s a whirlwind of pressure and stress. You know that you deserve compensation for the medical bills that keep piling up, for the emotional trauma you’ve suffered, for your inability to work, and for all the harm you’ve suffered, but you’re not sure what you can do to be sure you get the full settlement. Let’s explore the steps you can take with the help of your car accident lawyer in Paterson, NJ.

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It Starts at the Scene

first responders on the scene of a car accident in Paterson, NJ

Getting the most out of your car accident settlement starts at the scene of the accident. Always keep a cool head, as hard as that might be. Don’t yell or accuse, and don’t apologize for anything, as this can hurt your chances of getting the settlement you deserve. Call for first responders so you and everyone else can get medical attention and so you can file a police report.

Getting medical attention shows you’re taking the accident seriously, and it can uncover injuries you may not know you have yet. A police report can’t be used as evidence, but it can be a vital tool for you as you re-tell your story several times in the coming days, weeks, or even months.

Next, make sure you document the accident. Get as many photos as you can. Talk to witnesses, and get their contact information. Make notes of exactly what happened, and draw diagrams. This will help your vehicle accident lawyer in the future.

Keep Ongoing Records

As your recovery progresses, it’s essential that you keep as detailed records as you can. Save all of your doctor’s records, including receipts for prescriptions, physical therapy, and procedures. Keep a journal where you track how your injury affects your life. Detail how it’s affected your ability to work, your ability to maintain relationships, your mental health issues, and anything else that might be relevant. The more records you have, the stronger a case your auto accident attorney will be able to build.

Beware of the Insurance Adjuster

insurance adjuster inspecting vehicle damage after an accident in Paterson, NJ

When you get hurt, you’ll get a call or visit from the defendant’s insurance adjuster within days of your accident. They’ll act as though they are genuinely caring and compassionate, and then they’ll offer you a settlement. All too often, this settlement will be far less than you actually deserve or even need. It can be tempting to accept it, thinking that you’ll still be able to challenge it later on.

This is a huge mistake. Never sign off on anything the insurance adjuster offers you. If you do, you may be signing away your rights to more significant compensation later. Instead of signing that paper, direct them to speak with your lawyer.

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