Amazon Warehouse Has Double the Worker Injuries Than Nationwide Average

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Our New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Fight for Injured Amazon Employees

During the height of the recent holiday season, packages were being shipped out of Amazon warehouses across the country left and right, as consumers used the company’s coveted one-day shipping to get their shopping done at the last minute.

But while consumers took advantage of this convenience, employees of Amazon paid the price. Due to the company’s known obsession for speedy shipments, workplace accidents are an increasing reality for Amazon employees.

In fact, there are 9.6 injuries for every 100 employees at Amazon, according to a recent investigation by Reveal. This number is unacceptably high, especially when compared to the nationwide average for other warehouses, which is four. The company’s famous speed and technological innovations have led their global expansion, but growing evidence suggests it’s also quickly turning their warehouses into injury mills.

With an Amazon warehouse right here in New Jersey, this is a topic that personally resonates with our team at Peter N. Davis & Associates. As New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers, we’re committed to helping injured workers fight for the benefits they deserve after suffering an injury on the job. So what happens if you get hurt on the job?

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s dangerous business practices and what to do if you’re ever injured at work.

A Smile on the Box, Screams in the Warehouse


While people rely on Amazon for its fast shipping during the holiday season, the company’s delivery speed has traumatic effects on its employees that last past the holidays. Candice Dixon, a former Amazon employee, is still recovering from her days of heavy lifting in an Amazon warehouse.

Dixon suffered a back sprain from lifting heavy objects at her job. Now, she can barely walk up a flight of stairs or empty her dishwasher let alone continue any work at Amazon.

“For Amazon,” Dixon told Reveal, “all they care about is getting the job done and getting it out fast and not realizing how it’s affecting us and our own bodies.”

No employee deserves to work for a company that puts profits before its employees’ safety. This is something we strongly believe here at Peter N. Davis & Associates. That’s why we put injured workers before profits every time by helping them obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they’re entitled to.


Call Us If You’ve Been Injured on the Job

If you’ve suffered chronic injuries, like Dixon’s, or been involved in any type of workplace accident, you’re likely entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. These important state-mandated benefits can help cover any bills required to diagnose or treat your injuries, as well as part of your lost wages. In the most serious cases, workers’ compensation can also provide financial benefits for permanent disabilities.

However, filing for these benefits isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Big companies, like Amazon, have deep-pocketed legal teams and workers’ comp insurance carriers will do everything they can to escape liability.

Don’t trust an insurance company to tell you what you deserve. Our New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers will work for you. We’re fierce advocates for injured workers and their families in Paterson and across New Jersey and are here to help you through every step of the legal process. Here’s what you need to know about applying for workers’ compensation.

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