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What You Need To Know If You’ve Been Injured in a Skiing Accident

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Skiing and snowboarding are fun, popular recreational activities enjoyed by children and adults alike. Along with the excitement, however, there does come a certain amount of risk. Skiing and snowboarding accidents can cause severe injuries, and snowboarding accidents alone cause the most injuries out of all other outdoor activities. If you or someone you know sustained an injury from one of these activities, consult a personal injury lawyer to see if you qualify for compensation.

Types And Causes of Skiing And Snowboarding Injuries

Skiing and snowboarding accidents many times only cause injuries that are comparably minor, such as sprained wrists, mild concussions or knee injuries. They can unfortunately also cause much more severe injuries like upper leg fractures, spinal injuries or, in some cases, death. A study conducted by the CDC found that children and adolescents are the populations most susceptible to these more serious injuries.

Skiing and snowboarding injuries are most commonly caused by the following kinds of accidents:

  • Colliding with trees, fences or even another person
  • Falling
  • Poor guidance by the instructor
  • Ski or snowboard equipment failing
  • Chair lift incidents

Skiing And Snowboarding Lawsuits

As with other personal injury lawsuits, skiing and snowboarding lawsuits are usually based on another party’s negligence. For example, your instructor may be guilty of negligence if they failed to teach you a vital aspect of skiing or snowboarding, or if they led you onto unsafe terrain. The ski resort itself may even be at fault if the trails were inadequately maintained or poorly marked. Additionally, if another skier or snowboarder was acting foolishly and caused your accident or collision, they may be found as the negligent party in your case.

Along with another party’s negligence, a defective product like a ski pole or boot binding could also be responsible for your injuries. In this case, the company that designed, manufactured or distributed the faulty product may be subject to a defective product claim and be found liable for your injuries.

Getting The Compensation You Deserve

With potentially dangerous activities like snowboarding and skiing, there is always an “assumption of risk.” In other words, you are aware of the possible dangers and are choosing to participate in the event anyway. Many times, the defense will use this to try to evade compensating you for your losses.

This is where hiring a personal injury lawyer is most advantageous for you. Trained lawyers are familiar with the particularities of personal injury lawsuits, and they know how to stand up for you to get you the compensation you deserve for your losses. In skiing and snowboarding lawsuits, compensation for your damages generally includes reimbursement for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering compensation.

Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident and are seeking compensation, contact a personal injury lawyer at Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC. Our experienced team has been serving the Paterson, New Jersey area for over two and a half decades, and we’re here to represent you.

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