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Need an Attorney After a Truck Accident in Paterson?

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Paterson, New Jersey, you may be entitled to compensation. Call The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis & Associates to learn more about your legal rights after an accident.

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Paterson truck accidents often result in life-changing consequences for those involved. The aftermath of these accidents can be overwhelming, leaving victims to contend with serious injuries, mounting medical bills, and the emotional trauma that follows. In these challenging times, the support of a knowledgeable Paterson truck accident lawyer becomes advantageous.

At Peter N. Davis & Associates, we represent those who have been affected by truck accidents in Paterson. We recognize the unique challenges that truck accident victims face and tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of your case. Our truck accident lawyers in Paterson have extensive experience in handling such cases, making us the right choice in your pursuit of justice and fair compensation.

Our firm’s legacy is built on the $150 million we have recovered for our clients who were injured by the negligence of another party. We have 50 years of experience working with state and federal trucking regulations, so we know how violations of these rules can impact your claim. Our approach involves:

  • a thorough investigation of the accident 
  • consulting with experts when necessary
  • preparing every case as if it were going to trial 

Our level of preparedness and attention to detail ensures that we are always ready to advocate vigorously on your behalf. 

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We’re laser-focused on fighting against insurance companies to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

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We’ve been fighting insurance companies for over five decades. Let us bring that 50 years of knowledge to your case.

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We have a reputation for successful results. In fact, we’ve recovered over $150 million in settlements for our clients.

When To Contact a Paterson Truck Accident Attorney

One of the most important steps you can take after a Paterson truck accident is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Timely legal consultation is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that you are fully aware of your rights and the legal options available to you. Understanding your rights early in the process can help you make informed decisions about your case. Additionally, contacting a truck accident lawyer in Paterson promptly allows them to start gathering evidence while it’s still fresh. 

In truck accident cases, evidence such as skid marks, vehicle debris, and eyewitness accounts can quickly disappear or degrade. By getting a Paterson truck accident lawyer involved early, you can make sure that this important evidence is preserved and documented properly. Also, early legal representation can help when dealing with insurance companies. Insurers often approach accident victims soon after an incident, hoping to settle claims quickly and for as little as possible.  

A Paterson truck accident lawyer can negotiate with these companies on your behalf, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you are not pressured into accepting an unfair settlement.

Even in situations where a lawyer may not be able to take your case, they can still offer advice. They can help you understand what to expect from the legal process, provide guidance on handling insurance claims, and even refer you to other resources or legal professionals who might be better suited to your specific needs.

How Can a Truck Accident Attorney Help with Your Claim?

One of the key roles of a truck accident attorney is conducting a comprehensive investigation of the accident. This includes gathering and analyzing all available evidence, such as:

  • accident scene photos 
  • witness statements 
  • police reports 

Evidence collection is just the beginning. Your Paterson truck accident attorney will also handle all communications and negotiations with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters often aim to settle claims quickly and for as little as possible. An experienced truck accident lawyer understands these tactics and will negotiate aggressively to ensure you receive the full compensation you may deserve, reflecting the true extent of your losses and suffering. 

If your case goes to court, your attorney will be a valuable asset. They will manage all aspects of the litigation process, from filing the lawsuit to representing you in court. 

A Paterson truck accident lawyer also provides emotional support and guidance, helping you understand the legal process and make informed decisions. Their role is to alleviate the burden of legal worries, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

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5 Star Reviews

I was driving in Hoboken and was preparing to stop at a stop sign and before I got to the stop sign, I was rear-ended. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and they started working for me right away. Large insurance companies are not looking out for the consumer. I needed Peter Davis to help me out. Mr. Davis fought hard for me and got me the money that I deserved.

5 Star Reviews

I was at a red light and a driver came up behind and rear-ended my vehicle. Immediately after the accident, I called Peter Davis’ office and he started working on my case right away. His staff was very conscientious to the issue and I just felt very comfortable with dealing with his entire office. He really did a great job in helping me. First thing I would do is find yourself a good attorney like Peter Davis. Peter did a great job with the insurance company. He really fought hard for me.

5 Star Reviews

I was driving on Route 46. A guy was on his cell phone and didn’t realize everyone had stopped or slowed in front of him, so full blast, he hit me in the back. After the accident, I called Peter’s office and he started working for me right away. Peter took the case to arbitration and forced the insurance company to give me a good settlement.

5 Star Reviews

I was with my son about to get to the cash register and there was a puddle of water that I didn’t see and I slipped and fell. After I fell, I was in physical therapy for six months. I called Peter’s office and Peter started working for me right away. I don’t think the insurance company would have been fair with me if I didn’t have a good lawyer. I would recommend the Peter Davis law firm to anyone who was injured in an accident.

5 Star Reviews

I was in the car, I was the passenger, we were stopped about five cars back from the stop sign and all of the sudden we got hit from behind… And it was a girl that was talking on her cell phone. My car insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ My private health insurance said, ‘We’re not paying for anything else.’ Without a lawyer I would probably still be out there wondering why I was still hurting, why I was still having problems and what was I going to do? Peter has contacted the insurance companies. He has gone with me to doctor’s appointments. They have really gone above and beyond. We need people like Peter Davis to help us.

5 Star Reviews

I was in a terrible car accident. Immediately after that, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The insurance company treated me unfairly. They refused to pay for my surgery and Mr. Davis made them. If you get into an accident, it’s very important for you to pick someone to be your voice and defend your rights and I suggest Mr. Davis. When I came to Mr. Davis, I was treated with respect, like I was one of his family members, and I really loved him for that.


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Filing an Injury Claim After a Paterson Truck Accident

A statute of limitations sets a deadline for when you can file a claim. In New Jersey truck accident claims, the time limit is typically 2 years from the date of the accident, but it can vary depending on specific circumstances. Failing to file within the statute of limitations can result in the loss of your right to seek compensation.

Gathering the necessary documentation is another step in the claim process. This includes obtaining medical records that detail the extent of your injuries, treatment plans, and prognosis. These records serve as evidence of the physical impact of the accident. Additionally, police reports provide an official account of the accident, offering insights into how and why it occurred. Other crucial documents might include witness statements, photographs of the accident scene, and records of lost wages due to injury.

In some cases, a loved one may need to file a claim on behalf of the victim, especially if the victim is incapacitated or a minor. This ensures that the claim process can proceed even if the victim is unable to manage it themselves.

Factors that Influence Injury Claims

Several factors can influence the outcome of an injury claim following a truck accident in Paterson:

Claims involving more severe or long-term injuries typically result in higher compensation due to the increased medical costs and potential for ongoing care or rehabilitation. The impact of the injury on the victim’s ability to work and enjoy life is also taken into account.

Strong, well-documented evidence that clearly establishes the other party’s negligence and the link between the accident and the injuries is key to a successful claim. This includes everything from accident scene photos and eyewitness accounts to medical reports and expert testimony.

Liability is another major aspect that influences an injury claim. In truck accident cases, liability can be complex, with potential responsibility lying with the truck driver, the trucking company, manufacturers of truck parts, or even government entities responsible for road maintenance. Determining liability often requires a thorough investigation and sometimes expert analysis.

Finally, the victim’s role in the accident can also affect the claim. New Jersey follows a comparative negligence rule, meaning that if the victim is found to be partially at fault for the accident, their compensation may be reduced by their percentage of fault. 


In these accidents, the fault may involve multiple parties. The truck driver is a primary consideration, especially if their actions or negligence directly contributed to the accident. Factors like driving under the influence, speeding, or violating hours-of-service regulations can all point to driver liability. 

However, liability can extend beyond the driver. The trucking company itself may be responsible, particularly if the accident was caused by inadequate maintenance of the truck, improper loading, or if the company failed to comply with safety regulations. In such cases, the legal principle of “respondeat superior” can apply, where employers are held responsible for employee’s actions conducted within the scope of their employment.

Third parties can also be liable. For example, if a mechanical failure caused the accident, the manufacturer of the truck or its parts may be at fault. Additionally, if poor road conditions were a contributing factor, a government entity responsible for road maintenance might be held accountable.

New Jersey’s comparative negligence laws add another layer of complexity. If you, as the victim, are found to be partially at fault for the accident, it doesn’t bar you from seeking compensation. However, your compensation amount may be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to you. 

Damage Caused

When it comes to claiming compensation after a truck accident, damages are generally categorized into two types: economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are quantifiable financial losses resulting from the accident. This includes medical expenses, which can be substantial in cases involving severe injuries and may encompass not only immediate medical costs but also ongoing treatment and rehabilitation expenses. Lost wages are another major component of economic damages. This encompasses not only lost income due to missed work but also potential loss of future earning capacity if the injuries result in long-term disability or impairment.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages, while more challenging to quantify, are equally important. These damages cover the intangible impacts of the accident, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. For many victims, these non-economic damages can be more debilitating than the financial strain. Evaluating these requires a thorough understanding of the accident’s impact on the victim’s day-to-day life and future.

Punitive Damages 

In some cases, punitive damages might also be pursued. These are not related to the direct losses suffered by the victim but are instead intended to punish particularly egregious conduct and deter similar actions in the future. However, punitive damages are relatively rare and are only awarded in cases where the defendant’s actions are found to be willfully reckless or malicious.

Common Paterson Truck Accident Causes

Driver Fatigue

One of the most common causes of Paterson truck accidents is driver fatigue, a significant issue in the trucking industry. Due to long hours on the road and demanding schedules, truck drivers often struggle with exhaustion, which can impair their reaction time and decision-making abilities. 

Mechanical Failure

Another major factor contributing to truck accidents is mechanical failure. This can include issues such as brake failures, tire blowouts, or problems with the truck’s engine or transmission. Such mechanical issues not only pose a risk to the truck driver but also to everyone else on the road.

Poor Road Conditions and Negligent Driving

Poor road conditions are another leading cause of truck accidents. Factors like uneven road surfaces, inadequate signage, and poorly designed intersections can create hazardous situations for large vehicles. Additionally, negligent driving behaviors, such as speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence, significantly increase the risk of accidents. These behaviors are not only dangerous but also illegal. 

Common Truck Accident Injuries

The injuries resulting from truck accidents in Paterson are often severe, primarily due to the substantial size and weight of commercial trucks. 

Broken Bones

One of the most common injuries is broken bones. The immense force of a truck collision can easily fracture bones, leading to a long and painful recovery process. 

Traumatic Brain Injury

Another frequent injury is traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can occur even with the use of safety equipment like seat belts and airbags. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage, often having long-term or even permanent effects on a victim’s cognitive and physical abilities.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Lacerations 

Spinal cord injuries are also commonly associated with truck accidents. These injuries can result in partial or total paralysis, significantly impacting the victim’s quality of life and requiring extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Lacerations are another injury that, while they may seem less severe, can lead to significant amounts of blood loss, infection, and scarring.

Talk to an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Paterson for Free

The aftermath of a truck accident can be an overwhelming experience. However, you do not have to face this challenging journey alone. At Peter N. Davis & Associates, we offer a compassionate hand and 50 years of experienced legal guidance to those impacted by truck accidents.

We understand that the path to recovery and justice can be emotionally draining, which is why we are committed to standing by your side every step of the way. From the moment you contact us for a free consultation, our experienced Paterson truck accident lawyers dedicate themselves to understanding your situation and outlining the best course of action for your claim.

Our commitment to you goes beyond legal representation. We strive to provide a sense of security and reassurance during what is undoubtedly a difficult time in your life. With our firm handling your legal concerns, you can devote your energy to healing and moving forward.

We encourage you not to delay in seeking legal counsel. For many reasons, from preserving evidence to adhering to legal deadlines, time is a critical factor in truck accident claims.  By reaching out to us today, you can take the first step towards securing the justice and compensation you deserve. 

You can count on our team. We have over 50 years of experience and hundreds of millions recovered for our clients in Paterson, Lodi, and across New Jersey. Our Paterson truck accident lawyers can be your guide and support after your truck accident.

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