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The Most Common Truck Accident Causes in Paterson, NJ

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Trucking accidents are epidemic on our roadways. Even worse, they tend to be among the most devastating and catastrophic injuries one can have, due to the sheer size and momentum of the vehicles involved. When you’re in an accident with a big rig, you can end up with life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, collecting compensation for the damages you suffer can get tricky because it can be hard to nail down the specific cause.

It can also be hard to uncover who should be held responsible. That’s why a little bit of education can be vital to pursuing your case. Learn some of the most common truck accident causes, why these accidents can be catastrophic, and where you can find a truck accident lawyer.

Truck Accident Causes and Statistics

Despite increased knowledge and education, the number of accidents involving big rigs has gone up by a fifth over the past 20 years, instead of down. In 2002 alone, almost 5,000 people died in truck accidents, with a further 130,000 people seriously injured. Even though this is representative of only 3% of all vehicle accidents, truck accidents are far more damaging.

Truck accident causes can be tricky, as there are a lot of reasons these things happen, which also opens a broad range of people who can be held responsible. Stopping the buck-passing and getting to the heart of the matter requires some education.

Who Is Responsible?

Who is responsible for a truck accident depends on what caused the issue. Many accidents are caused by simple driver error—the driver was tired and slow reacting, they were intoxicated, they were distracted. These are the same causes as car accidents. Other causes, though, can be bad mechanics on the truck, from engine issues to brakes to tires. Poorly loaded cargo can cause a truck to be off-balance and hard to steer.

As such, when you are injured in a trucking accident you could be looking at a range of responsible parties. These can include the truck driver, the truck owner, the company leasing the truck, the manufacturer of parts that failed, the shipping or loading company, and more.

Laws and Liability

At one point in time, trucking companies tried to avoid responsibility for these accidents by claiming that the driver was an independent contractor, and thus that they weren’t responsible for the driver’s actions. Federal law has since been put in place to stop this distancing. Still, you’ll see hauling, leasing and trucking companies (and their insurers) arguing over who has to pay out for an accident.

It’s important if you’re going to collect damages for your medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, lost relationships and comfort, lost wages and potential future earnings, damage to your quality of life and more, that you have someone in your corner who can fight back.

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

The best way to cut through the arguments and bureaucracy and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries is to work with a qualified truck accident attorney. New Jersey truck accident lawyers like Peter Davis and Associates, LLC, will be able to challenge insurance companies trying to get out of paying. They will build your case and defend your rights. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident and you need help, contact Peter Davis for a free consultation today.