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Everything You Need To Know About Self-Driving Cars in Paterson, NJ

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Google self-driving car

Self-driving cars aren’t just a sci-fi inspired vision of the future anymore. They’re a real part of our world: Auto-piloted vehicles already made their debut in the city Pittsburgh, and their presence will only increase in years to come.

So what kind of impact will that have on car accident statistics? Here’s how self-driving cars might help prevent accidents in Paterson during the years to come.

Auto-Piloted Cars Could Greatly Reduce Accidents

According to a McKinsey & Co report, self-driving cars could eliminate 90 percent of all auto accidents in the United States. This wouldn’t just save thousands of lives—it’d also prevent up to $190 billion in health costs and damages each year.

It would be a monumentally different time for car travel in many ways. Insurance companies would change the way they assessed the risks of their clients. The need for car accident lawyers would likely decrease as the rate of vehicle crashes decreased, or their role would significantly change.

More and more car companies—and services such as the Uber app—are focusing on making autonomous vehicles a reality. Currently, many new vehicles feature sophisticated safety gear like adaptive cruise control, lane-departure prevention technology and blind-spot alert. Vehicle safety is a clear priority for these companies right now.

What’s the Forecast?

The McKinsey & Co report guesses that driverless cars will dominate the roads by 2030 and Elon Musk, of Tesla Motors Inc., claims that a fully autonomous car will exist in the next five years. However, there’s no way to know for sure how accurate either prediction will be. Until, of course, a prevalence of these vehicles comes to fruition.

Your Trusted Paterson Car Accident Lawyer at Peter Davis Law

There’s no way to know for sure when the roads will be safer as a result of driverless vehicles. There are still plenty of questions in the air—how the cars will navigate bad weather conditions or route themselves in areas where maps are outdated. McKinsey predicts that technical vehicle failures will be the focus of insurance companies in this new era, rather than driver risk profiles and driver accident history. As we await the introduction of these cars, accidents will still occur in Paterson. Even if these predictions are accurate, accident rates won’t significantly drop for years to come.

A time when car accidents are much less—90 percent less—frequent is a time we can all look forward to. Unfortunately, for the time being, when you are involved in a car accident, protect yourself and your family with a Paterson car accident lawyer at Peter Davis Law. A car accident lawyer will provide you comfort, confidence and help you receive the proper compensation for your injuries.

As the roads gradually get safer in the coming years, Peter Davis Law will continue to be here to help anyone who has suffered from a Paterson car accident.