Friends Making A Toast With Wine Stock Photo

Why Hosts Need to Make Sure Their Guests Leave Sober

If you’re like many people, then one of the joys of the holiday months is having friends and family to your home for a fun get together. However, if you serve alcohol at your next holiday celebration, then you should be aware that you might be held legally responsible if one of your guests is […]

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Young Woman Texting While Driving Stock Photo

Is the Car Owner Always at Fault for the Accident?

Determining fault in a car accident is always tricky business. But this is never truer than when the owner of the car wasn’t in the car at the time of the accident. Your car wreck lawyer will be able to help determine whether you will be found at fault even if you weren’t driving at […]

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High School Football Game Stock Photo

My High Schooler Was Hurt Playing Sports, What Are My Options?

High school sports can easily result in serious injuries, but parents are typically left with little legal recourse against schools, staff, and local governmental organizations. More often than not, any motions to file injury lawsuits against these entities are promptly dismissed through summary judgment. The result is time and money wasted on both sides, with […]

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Cars Driving During The Snow Stock Photo

What If the Weather Was Bad During My Car Accident?

When a car accident happens in New Jersey, regardless of the weather, investigators, judges, and juries must consider the actions of the parties involved to determine fault. Most often, they look at actions that could signal negligence or irresponsible behavior on the part of one driver compared to the other. These negligent actions are always […]

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Rear End Auto Accident Stock Photo

Who’s At Fault in Rear-End Collision?

There are literally hundreds of ways you can get into a car accident. Fender benders, head-on collisions, T-bones, and yes, getting rear-ended. In fact, rear-end accidents are some of the most common forms of auto accident and their severity can range from no damage to deadly. When people are in a rear-end accident they usually […]

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Drunk Driver Pulled Over By The Police Stock Photo

Hit By A Drunk Driver? Here’s What To Do

When you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, the emotional and physical toll can be almost incalculable, and this stress can be compounded to a large degree when your accident involves a drunk driver. Accidents caused by an intoxicated driver often result in serious injuries and large medical bills, meaning you need to find […]

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Traffic Jam In The Snow Stock Photo

How To Drive Through The Snow Safely

If you’re a driver who is concerned with safety above all else, then you want to make sure you know how to operate your vehicle in every driving situation imaginable. Winter is fast approaching, and as the most treacherous driving season that there is, it’s important that you learn the driving tips that will keep […]

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I Got Hurt On Private Property, Do I Have Legal Options?

When you’re injured on another person’s property, you may be entitled to a large settlement for your damages. However, there are a lot of tricky things about premises liability law that can come into play which could interfere with your settlement, if you don’t have the right knowledge and representation to prove them. Learn how, […]

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Young Couple Looking At Medical Bills Stock Photo

I Was Hurt In An Accident, Are My Medical Bills Covered?

Following a serious accident, no matter the circumstance, the issue at the forefront of your mind is likely how you’re going to pay your medical bills. More than any other factor in recovering from an accident, having to pay mounting medical bills can negatively affect your life, which means you need to get the funding […]

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Insurance Injury Claim Stock Photo

Is Your Personal Injury Claim Being Undercut By The Insurance Company?

After a serious accident, you’re probably relying on your insurance claim to help you support your family and pay your medical bills until you can return to work. Unfortunately, even if you are clearly entitled to an insurance settlement, it’s possible that your insurance company will find a reason to deny your claim. Insurance companies […]

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