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Remember These 5 Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Road Trip

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Are you planning one last road trip before the summer is officially gone? While your planning and packing, its is important not to forget about safety. While some of these tips may seem like the common sense, it’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to traveling with your loved ones.

Service Your Vehicle

If you take the time to look at your vehicle’s instruction manual, you’ll see a fairly detailed schedule for when you should get your car serviced. If you follow this schedule, your car should be in good driving shape at all times. However, for long road trips, it’s best to stop by your service center for a quick safety inspection. An easy way to get that taken care of is by taking your car in for an oil change and tires rotation. Most dealerships will be happy to give your car a once over if you let them know you’ll be traveling.

Stay Alert

If you are accustomed to driving long distances, you know how easy it is to let your attention wander and your focus shift from the road ahead. Staying aware of your surroundings and other drivers sharing the road is essential. Defensive driving is the best way to keep your family safe while on the interstates, as you never know when you may have to avoid a road hazard or potential collision that is no fault of your own.

No Texting and Driving

Now this one should be a no brainer, but it’s always worth mentioning again: No texting and driving. You cannot stay alert to your surroundings if you are looking down at your phone. As awkward as it may seem, have a passenger manage your phone, or wait until rest stops to respond. There isn’t a single text message that is worth risking the lives of you and your passengers.

Observe Speed Limits

It is very easy to be cruising along the interstate and not realize your speed, but speed limits really are in place to ensure the safety of everyone in your car. It’s very difficult to navigate hazards that appear on the road if you are exceeding safe speed limits, and no one wants to spend their vacation money on speeding tickets.

Plan Ahead

This last tip is vital, especially if you are traveling with children or pets. Map your route out ahead of time and schedule gas station stops, food stops, bathroom stops, and even the route that you need to take to get to your destination. While flexibility is essential for your sanity’s sake, knowing where kid and pet friendly stops are along the way will help relieve stress once you are on the road.

Know What to Do in a Car Accident

These tips will do well to keep you safe, but even with the best planning, accidents can still happen. If you are involved in a car accident, stay calm, move to the side of the road, and contact Peter Davis & Associates to help you get the resolution you deserve.