Dermatome Sensitivity Test with a Neurological Pinwheel

Does Having Nerve Damage Make Me Eligible To Receive Workers’ Compensation?

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Dermatome Sensitivity Test with a Neurological Pinwheel

There’s no doubt that, if you’ve been injured on the job, you’re dealing with a lot in regards to your Paterson workers’ compensation claim. Navigating such a claim can be very tricky, and is made much easier with the right Paterson workers’ compensation attorney by your side. Take comfort in knowing that nerve damage sustained after a work injury is almost always covered by worker’s compensation. Read on for more information.

Different Types of Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can be caused by several different factors. Most often, nerve damage from work-related injuries is the result of repetitive use or trauma. In some particular lines of work, such as construction, nerve damage is coupled with something else, like head or spinal trauma, which can lead to some of the most severe types of nerve damage. Paralysis, disability, or even death may result from these types of trauma.

The most serious type of nerve damage is the bruising, tearing or stretching of the nerve or the tissue surrounding it. This results generally more by an accident than by repeated use. Injuries may even be permanent when this occurs.

Other nerve damage results from pressure on nerves that blocks signals to and from the brain. Whether from sudden trauma or stress over time, this nerve condition is usually caused by a loss of blood supply to the damaged area. The nerve is generally not permanently damaged in these cases and can be regenerated over time. Rehabilitation, surgery, and other treatments may be pursued in order to correct these types of nerve damage.

Paterson Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Most employees in the United States are eligible to make workers’ compensation benefit claims thanks to state laws requiring companies to buy into workers’ compensation insurance plans. Though state to state workers’ compensation laws vary, in general, workers can receive the following benefits after filing a workers’ compensation claim:

  • Compensation on a weekly basis
  • Permanent impairment benefits
  • Medical bill coverage
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Paterson Workers’ Compensation Drawbacks

Because of the vast coverage required by workers’ compensation laws across the country, the main downside to filing a workers’ compensation claim is that it is not possible to file a lawsuit against your employer. While compensation for salary and medical bill coverage are possibilities, it isn’t possible for you to collect damages for pain and suffering if you’re filing a workers’ compensation case. This is because workers’ compensation is seen as one exclusive remedy, in general, for injuries incurred on the job.

Find a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

For Paterson workers’ compensation, it’s best to determine the right course of action before proceeding with a workers’ compensation claim. There is often little difficulty in procuring benefits in the case of a minor work injury, as workers’ comp laws are so inclusive and enforced. However, if you are having trouble filing a workers’ compensation claim, it may be time to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you claim the benefits you deserve. Peter N. Davis & Associates is here to help.