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Why You Need To Take Notes After A Car Accident

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Car accidents can be traumatic and mind-boggling events. It’s very normal to feel disoriented and out of control after being involved in an accident, no matter how minor it may. It is important to remember that the moments after a car accident are crucial. During this time, a lot is going on. It is important that someone is able to document it all thoroughly. Oftentimes, a police officer will write a report, but it will be from their viewpoint. No one knows what happened better than the people involved in the accident, and your notes may prove useful if you need to seek compensation.

What Should You Record?

Immediately following the accident, the most important thing you can do is get the other driver’s information. Recording this information now will make it less of a hassle to get after you go your separate ways. Be sure to take note of:

  • Driver and passengers’ full names,
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Make/model of the car
  • License plate state and number
  • Insurance carrier and policy number

It is also important to record the names of any witnesses present during the accident. Ask a bystander of they saw what happened and record their personal account. It is also useful to write down the street name and time of the accident.

Documenting Injuries

In addition to recording what happened during the accident, record what you felt and what time the symptoms started. If your body started hurting immediately, write that down. Write down what happens in the emergency room and what they tell you to do. All of this information will help you when you go through settlement or litigation. Keeping your own medical records also helps you track the progress or decline in your help.

The Insurance Company

One of the trickiest people you will talk to is an insurance adjuster. Details about any conversations you have with the adjuster should be written down for your records. This can save you lots of time and headache in the future. It will be difficult to remember everything you said in a conversation and keeping notes will prevent that from occurring. Be sure to always get the name of each person you speak with, even if it is a receptionist that takes a message.

Hiring a Paterson Car Accident Attorney

A Paterson, New Jersey car accident lawyer will be able to analyze your notes and determine what information will be helpful in the car accident case. If you’ve been involved in a New Jersey car accident, contact Peter Davis and Associates today!

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