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What You May Not Understand About Whiplash

Senior woman describing her whiplash symptoms after a car accident

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you may have sustained a whiplash injury. Whiplash, however, can be a tricky injury to properly identify. For insurance purposes, you should know what whiplash is, how it’s caused and what the symptoms are. If you are experiencing whiplash symptoms, you may be able to receive compensation for your injury. In order to receive full compensation for your whiplash, it’s important to acquire the help of a knowledgeable Paterson car accident attorney. The attorneys at Peter Davis Law have the experience and expertise to fight on your behalf for whiplash injuries.  

What Does the Term “Whiplash” Actually Mean?

Whiplash most commonly occurs when a driver is rear-ended. The impact from the accident travels through your car into your body. Your upper body usually continues to travel forward while your head stays in a reared-back position. In this position, the soft tissue in your neck can be easily over-extended, and as your momentum comes to a halt, your neck undergoes flexion. This over-extension to flexion pattern creates a whip movement which can cause prolonged pain after the immediate impact—this condition is commonly known as whiplash.

Recently, there has been a push-back against using the term “whiplash” in injury settlements because the condition has so frequently been falsely claimed. Most car accident attorneys and medical professionals recommend labeling whiplash as a more specific medical trauma, such as hyperextension, neck sprain/strain, myofascial damage, hyperflexion or cervical strain/sprain.  

What Accidents Usually Produce Whiplash?

Whiplash is usually a product of being rear-ended in a car wreck, but it can also occur in a number of other scenarios, including:

  •         Vehicle crash that doesn’t include a rear-end collision
  •         Hard impact in a contact sport
  •         Physical attacks causing head injuries
  •         Extreme sporting injuries (i.e. snowboarding or BMX bicycle crashes)
  •         Stress injuries occurring repeatedly over an extended time period (perhaps at the workplace)
  •         Abuse
  •         Slipping, tripping or falling

Whiplash Injury Misconceptions

Many people assume whiplash only happens in accidents involving high velocity impact. This assumption is a misconception, however. Whiplash is more probable in accidents caused by slow-moving vehicles that create light impact. A variety of circumstances alter the likelihood of sustaining whiplash. Your height, gender, sitting position, head position, location of head and seat restraints and sizes and masses of the cars involved all play an impactful role in causing or preventing whiplash.

How to Tell If You’re Experiencing Whiplash

Another misconception is that whiplash symptoms will present themselves immediately after an accident. However, these symptoms may manifest days or weeks after the accident. For this reason, it’s important to immediately receive medical attention and monitor your bodily condition after an accident. Symptoms of whiplash include:

  •         Stiffness of the neck or pain in the neck area
  •         Limited range of movement
  •         Headache, feeling dizzy and/or blurry vision
  •         Discomfort in the shoulders, back and/or arms
  •         Nerve activations, such as tingling, burning or prickling along the arms and back
  •         Difficulty sleeping, concentrating and/or cognitive impairment
  •         Feeling of tiredness

Trust a Paterson Car Accident Attorney at Peter Davis Law

If you’re experiencing whiplash or any other injuries from a car accident, you should be seeking compensation from the liable party. In order to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, hire a car accident attorney. If you live in New Jersey, a Paterson car accident attorney can be found at Peter Davis Law. Contact Peter N. Davis & Associates today to get started on your personal injury claim.

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