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Checklist: What To Do After A Car Accident In A Leased Vehicle in New Jersey

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People are leasing vehicles with a higher frequency given the expenses associated with buying a car. This means that a greater proportion of car accidents involve leased vehicles. Because a leased vehicle has different stipulations attached to it than a purchased car, it’s important to know the proper steps to take if your leased vehicle is involved in a car accident. A skilled car accident attorney can help you execute these steps and fight for your compensation. Peter Davis Law of New Jersey provides the highest quality legal counsel available for car accident cases, and the following article will help you understand what you and your attorney should do in the case of a leased vehicle accident.

Your First Step

At the time of the accident, the well being of yourself and the other people involved should be your main concern. Check your body for injuries and trauma, and afterwards check in with any other passengers and drivers to see if they require immediate help.

Your next step should be to call the police, especially if medical assistance is required. Let the police know the circumstances of the accident and whether anyone is injured. The police will then know where and how quickly to dispatch an emergency ambulance. If no one is hurt, the police are still necessary because they will create an official accident report, which includes interviewing witnesses and those involved and pulling evidence from the accident scene. The police report will bolster your case for the insurance companies later and help resolve arguments over liability.

On a personal level, you need to make sure and obtain identifying information from the other involved drivers as well as the other driver’s insurance information. Also take a moment to photograph the accident scene with any camera available. This photographic documentation can later strengthen any claims you make with insurance companies.  

You Need to Report the Accident to the Appropriate Agencies

The large majority of lease agreements demand that you inform the leasing company or car dealership (where you acquired the vehicle) of any accident your leased vehicle is involved in. Make sure you do this to avoid breaking your agreement. All car insurance policies also require that you report any accident in a leased car immediately to your insurance agency. The insurance agency will then send a claims adjustor to examine your car and gather an estimate of the damages.

Some leasing agencies and dealerships may put parameters on how you can go about repairing the vehicle. Often, leasing agencies will not allow the vehicle to be repaired with aftermarket parts. It’s important to immediately contact your leasing agency so that you don’t repair the vehicle inappropriately and unintentionally violate the terms of the lease. If you violate lease requirements, you could likely incur financial penalties once the lease ends.  

How a Car Accident Lawyer at Peter Davis Can Help You

If you’re confident that you’re not liable for the accident, you should file a claim to receive compensation. This is where a car accident lawyer can be tremendously helpful. A car accident lawyer will know exactly what is needed to submit a strong claim, and they will walk you through the claim filing process. They will also be able to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to win you the greatest amount of compensation. If any disputes arise, a car accident lawyer will represent your interests in court and fight to prove the liability of the other parties involved.