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Will Workers’ Compensation Cover You For Nerve Damage?

There’s no doubt that, if you’ve been injured on the job, you’re dealing with a lot in regards to your Paterson workers’ compensation claim. Navigating such a claim can be very tricky, and is made much easier with the right Paterson workers’ compensation attorney by your side. Take comfort in knowing that nerve damage sustained […]

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Work Injury Claims vs. Personal Injury Claims: What’s The Difference?

Many people who get hurt in the course of employment find themselves confused as to how to go about filing a claim for compensation. Certainly, you’ve filed all the right forms and reported the accident to your boss, but what happens next? If you disagree with the results of your claim, does it fall under […]

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What To Look Out For When Getting Your Car Fixed

Being involved in a car accident can cause all sorts of trouble in your life. Not only do you have to deal with possible injuries and stress of the situation, but the expense of such an unfortunate situation can be immense. With the right car accident attorney, you have a better chance of getting your […]

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My Car Got Totaled In The Accident, What Now?

When you file a claim for damages after a car accident, one of the most basic expectations you have is to get your car fixed. For some people, hearing that you’re going to receive the full market value of your vehicle sounds at first great…until you find out that it’s because the vehicle has been […]

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Can I Get Compensation If I Was A Passenger In A Car Accident?

Being a passenger in an automobile accident can be every bit as bad as being the driver. No matter what the circumstances were regarding the fault of the car accident, one thing is for sure—it was not your fault. If you were hurt as a passenger, you might have medical bills, lost wages and pain […]

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What If I’m In A Car Accident With A Leased Vehicle?

People are leasing vehicles with a higher frequency given the expenses associated with buying a car. This means that a greater proportion of car accidents involve leased vehicles. Because a leased vehicle has different stipulations attached to it than a purchased car, it’s important to know the proper steps to take if your leased vehicle […]

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What You May Not Understand About Whiplash

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you may have sustained a whiplash injury. Whiplash, however, can be a tricky injury to properly identify. For insurance purposes, you should know what whiplash is, how it’s caused and what the symptoms are. If you are experiencing whiplash symptoms, you may be able to receive compensation […]

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Will Self-Driving Cars Help Prevent Accidents In Paterson, New Jersey?

Self-driving cars aren’t just a sci-fi inspired vision of the future anymore. They’re a real part of our world: Auto-piloted vehicles already made their debut in the city Pittsburgh, and their presence will only increase in years to come. So what kind of impact will that have on car accident statistics? Here’s how self-driving cars […]

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Hit and Run Car Accidents: What You Need To Know

Striking a person or property with a vehicle can spark some very primitive human instincts. While this is obviously traumatizing for the victim, the driver of the car can also experience psychological lapses which alter their normal reactions and behaviors. Fight or flight kicks in, and a first impulse is to run away—flee the scene. […]

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What To Do If You’re Injured In An Unsafe Working Environment

Employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for their employees. Failure to do so increases the potential for accidents and worker injuries. If you feel that an unsafe working environment contributed to a workplace injury you suffered, a workers’ compensation attorney can advise you of your rights under the law as […]

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