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Safety Tips: How Pedestrians Can Avoid Street Festival Accidents

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Vendors fill the street with art, food and everything in between for the weekly festival.

There’s almost nothing more exciting and entertaining than a spring street festival. However, that fun can come to a sudden end if you’re unexpectedly struck by a car. Automobile accidents involving pedestrians can be extremely damaging, even deadly, and often result in lost wages, large medical bills and emotional pain and suffering.

If you’re a pedestrian who has been struck by a car and are struggling to support yourself, you might be considering a personal injury lawsuit, which means you need to learn about the issues surrounding these cases. Learn how you can file a lawsuit after a car accident at a festival and discover the benefits of handing your case to a Paterson car accident attorney.

Assigning Fault

Your number one priority in filing a personal injury lawsuit after you’ve been struck by a car will be proving the fault of the driver. While it might not seem like it, fault can actually be very hard to prove in these types of cases.

For example, if Driver 1 switches lanes without signaling and Driver 2 swerves to avoid a wreck and strikes you with their vehicle, you would bring a suit against Driver 1. While Driver 2 hit you, Driver 1 was the person that actually caused the accident.

Fault can be proven in many ways. You could demonstrate, for instance, that the driver in your case ran a red light, was intoxicated or failed to obey the posted speed limits. Any of these issues can be used for fault in your personal injury suit. However, you should be aware that the court may find that you hold responsibility. If you tried to cross a street while the traffic light was green, then you might be at fault for your accident.

Receiving Damages

There are a variety of damages available to you after you’ve been struck by a driver as a pedestrian. The two most commonly awarded damages are for medical expenses resulting from your injury and lost wages. It is easy to prove monetary loss after such an injury, which is people pursue these two damage types.

You may also be able to receive damages for pain and suffering or loss of quality of life. If you pursue these types of damages, you should be aware that they can be very hard to prove and are generally awarded at the discretion of the court. The best way to learn about the types of damages you may be able to receive is to consult with a Paterson car accident attorney. An attorney can help you plan your case and tell you which damages you should request from the court.

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Personal injury lawsuits can be extremely difficult, especially if you don’t have the right legal representation. Get help with your case by hiring an experienced Paterson car accident attorney from The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC.

Peter Davis and his legal team are well versed in personal injury cases involving car accidents and can review the facts of your case to see if you are eligible to file a suit. Contact The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis today and start working on your injury suit.