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Following Proper Precautions Is Always Necessary With Work Equipment

Two workers were killed at a construction site on February 18 when a 10,000 pound generator fell. While one worker died at the scene, the second worker was transported to the hospital, where he was declared dead several hours later. Construction sites can be dangerous work locations if proper precautions are not taken. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep yourself safer if you work in a construction zone.

  • Carefully check over all equipment before using it. If any equipment is damaged or broken, do not use it until it has been properly repaired or replaced.
  • Be sure to correctly label unsafe equipment or remove it from the work area so other people will not use it.
  • Only use equipment after you have been properly trained to use it safely and correctly. Always use equipment safely and correctly.
  • When operating a crane, never carry loads over people. Never walk under a crane while it is in operation.
  • Always wear your hard hat, safety glasses, work boots, gloves, and other safety gear when working in a construction zone.
  • Obey the weight limit on things such as forklifts, cranes, and ladders.
  • Be aware of active electrical lines, and maintain a safe distance from them. Keep yourself as well as your equipment clear of them. It is especially important to keep metal equipment away from electrical lines.
  • When working high above the ground, make sure you are properly protected from a fall. This includes standing on a stable surface as well as wearing a body harness, using a safety net, or using other equipment that will protect you if you do slip.
  • Debris and wet surfaces, which may cause a slipping hazard, should be cleaned up right away.

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