Have You Been Injured On The Job?

If you haven’t already, notify your employer of your injury! Your business should already have a procedure in place for documenting the injury and getting you the appropriate medical attention.

There is a two-year time limit to file a Workers’ Compensation claim in New Jersey. That seems like a long time, but if you wait even a few weeks to file your claim, it may be too late build a case. Insurance companies – and sometimes employers – know the best ways to argue against a work injury claim or lessen the amount paid out. Just like after a car accident, it’s important for a lawyer to collect all the proper evidence, medical records, and eyewitness reports in a timely fashion. Waiting too long to take the right steps can sink your case.

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A “Work Injury” Is…

For the most part, if your injury is the direct result of the work you do to benefit your employer, it is covered by Workers’ Compensation. If you trip over an electrical cable and sprain your ankle at the office, hurt your back unloading a truck for the delivery service, or spill a chemical on yourself while cleaning the school, you were obviously hurt because of the work you do every day. You also might develop a repetitive use injury if you do a lot of typing for your boss, or put together products on an assembly line.

On construction sites, an on-the-job injury can be particularly severe or even deadly. There’s an inherent danger to working with large machinery, power tools and raw building materials. The government issues specific safety regulations for building and excavation sites through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Of course, such regulation doesn’t mean all companies comply. Employers have been known to cut corners in an attempt to reduce costs and sometimes safety is diminished where dollars are gained. An on-the-job injury caused by this kind of negligent safety practice deserves special legal attention by an attorney who understands this complex field. When multiple contractors, equipment companies and workers with varying degrees of training are involved, there is a lot of evidence to sort and a lot of questions to be answered.

Even less cut-and-dried are accidents that happen at an off-site office party or during your leisure time on a business trip. What if you were hurt at the location you were sent to by a temporary employment agency? Who’s responsible for your injury if you were at lunch? Maybe work became unexpectedly emotionally stressful due to a co-worker’s accident or death? Is there Workers’ Comp coverage for mental illness? What about firefighters, emergency services workers and other inherently dangerous jobs?

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Don’t try to answer all the questions yourself, contact our law firm to oversee your work injury claim from the very start. We know that any kind of injury disrupts your day-to-day life. The confusion surrounding a workplace injury is compounded by paperwork and insurance procedures that are not from your own insurance provider. Should your employer refuse to allow you to make a Worker’s Compensation claim or if he fails to take the right steps to ensure your care, that’s even more confusing.

Our legal team keeps you on track for the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation payments you deserve and, ultimately, your recovery.

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