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Does My Work Injury Qualify For Workers’ Compensation in Paterson, NJ

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Workers' Comp Injury | Peter N. Davis & Associates LLC

Getting hurt on the job is an incredibly stressful situation for the parties involved. Suddenly out of work and faced with high treatment costs and other unpaid bills, it might be very easy to feel as if the world is ending. Fortunately, depending on the nature of your injury, New Jersey law can cover you through workers’ compensation. The only tricky part is figuring out what benefits you qualify for and finding a proper workers’ compensation lawyer for when the going gets rough.

With years of experience in personal injury cases, the legal team at Peter Davis & Associates knows exactly what to look out for when filing a workers’ comp case, and we are more than capable of advising you when it comes time to apply yourself.

The following are the list of benefits provided by New Jersey law:

#1 Medical Benefits

Workers’ comp will cover all of the medical bills related to your workplace accident, including the costs of prescription drugs and other hospital services. This is usually handled by your employer’s insurance company, though your employer has the right to choose which doctor you must see. You can only choose your own doctor in the event of an emergency of if the employer denies you benefits.

#2 Temporary Total Disability Benefits

If you are out of work more than seven days, you can apply for temporary total disability benefits at 70% your average weekly wage. These benefits, however, only apply when you are unable to continue working and are still on some form of medical care. As soon as you return to work, temporary benefits will disappear.

#3 Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

If an injury or job-related illness has left you with a permanent partial disability, you are entitled to compensation based on “scheduled” or “non-scheduled” losses. Scheduled losses include injuries to the eyes, ears, teeth, arms, legs, and other extremities, while non-scheduled losses usually involve the back and internal organs such as the heart or lungs. You should start receiving these benefits as soon as you are off temporary disability.

#4 Permanent Total Disability Benefits

When the injury suffered prevents you from ever returning to any kind of meaningful employment, you can go on permanent total disability benefits, which will initially cover you for 450 weeks. You will then have to reapply, showing that your condition has not improved. These benefits are assigned based on the loss of major body parts (such as eyes or feet) or some other combination of injuries that make you unemployable.

#5 Death Benefits

When the accident causes actual death, the surviving spouse or natural dependents might be entitled to death benefits, which can grow even higher if the family members left behind are disabled or impaired in any way.

Learn More from a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are considering applying for workers’ compensation but are confused by the process or have any lingering questions, you should consider reaching out to a personal injury lawyer for more information. The team at Peter Davis & Associates would especially like to talk to you, so contact one of our representatives today and get started at once.

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