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Never Use Social Media After A Car Accident

These days most everyone posts something on social media whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or something of the like.

But if you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s best if you temporarily close your social media accounts until the claims process is complete. Here’s why.

Insurance Companies Check All Social Media Accounts

Insurance companies monitor accounts, even those set to private, in order to determine if victims are exaggerating their injuries. This is why it’s important not to post any photographs whether they were snapped recently or a few years ago as it’s often hard to prove when they were taken. For example, if you post a photograph of yourself riding a bike, dancing, or holding your child or grandchild, the insurance company will likely try to dispute your injuries.

Insurance Companies May See Tags

Even if you don’t post any photos, friends or family members could still tag you in a photo update. It’s best if you ask them not to do this because the photo may show you performing an activity that doesn’t fit the severity of your injuries. Once again, it doesn’t matter if the photo was taken days or years before your accident. The insurance company could see it before you “untag” yourself.

Insurance Companies Will See if You Write a Post About Your Claim

Should you choose to keep your accounts active, do not under any circumstances post anything regarding your injuries or claim. This includes not mentioning any frustrations you may have with the other driver or insurance company. Once your claim is settled, discussing your claim could violate a confidentiality agreement.

If you’ve sustained injuries in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, please contact us. As New Jersey car accident lawyers, we can help.

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