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Interesting Facts About New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

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Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance sponsored by the government in order to provide financial support for injured laborers while they are unable to work. Workers’ Compensation insurance, however, has not always existed, and probably would have seemed like a pipe dream to the country’s earliest workers. Fortunately, almost every modern worker is covered by some form of workers’ comp insurance, giving them peace of mind and the support that they need following a workplace injury. However, despite its ubiquity, not many people know about the history of workers’ compensation or how hard early workers had to fight to get the coverage they deserved. Read on to learn some interesting facts about workers comp and find out when you should consult with a Paterson workers’ compensation attorney.

Labor Day and Where It All Began

In 1882, the first “A Day of the People” parade was held, starting out with small numbers that eventually bloom to a full grown movement. At this point in American history, workers were overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated, and often severely mistreated. This parade was an opportunity for these workers to take a stand and make their voice heard, beginning the fight for fair and equal treatment.

Today, workplaces are much more understanding of the needs of workers, providing benefits like worker’s comp and promoting safe work practices intended to protect the health of workers. In modern times, Labor Day is a time to spend the day free from labor, enjoying time with friends and family. However, this yearly holiday sprung from that first “Day of the People,” and should always be remembered as a day that the overworked and under-appreciated fought for a better future.

International Worker’s Day and Labor Day the same thing?

The fight for workers’ rights, and workers’ compensation, was by no means limited to our country. In fact, international workers often had a much longer, harder fight to receive the treatment they were entitled to. For instance, International Worker’s Day was planned as a peaceful demonstration, but unfortunately erupted into violence. However, this tension filled event did garner national attention, and was part of the impetus for President Grover Cleveland to throw his support behind American workers and establish the first ever Labor Day.

Workers’ Compensation was Born

Thanks to the two aforementioned incidents, the plight of the American and International work force slowly gained the attention they needed to affect real change. In 1911, this long fight came to fruition when the first Workers’ Compensation Law was established. Although the fight for fair treatment and benefits is never over, modern workers owe a debt of gratitude to those early reformers who put everything on the line to get the fair work environment and labor practices that they so sorely needed and deserved.

Paterson Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Unfortunately, some modern workers are still denied the workers’ compensation benefits that they need to survive. If you have been unfairly denied your benefits, then you need a Paterson workers’ compensation attorney from Peter Davis & Associates to fight for you. Our expert legal team is proud to continue the fight for fair worker treatment, and would be glad to work for you. Contact us today so that we can start working on your case.

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