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I Got Sick On A Cruise Ship, Can I Be Compensated?

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When planning your next big vacation, you might be thinking about a cruise ship excursion. While cruises provide a lot of opportunity to have fun and meet new people, they also come with the risk of serious illness. Outbreaks on cruise ships are unfortunately common, bringing a screeching fault to the dream vacation of all the affected passengers. Although it can be hard to prove, many people who suffer a cruise ship illness consider filing a personal injury suit.

If you feel you have grounds for a suit after a cruise ship illness, it’s a good idea to learn as much about these kinds of cases as possible. Learn how you can file a personal injury lawsuit after suffering a cruise ship illness with the assistance of a local injury lawyer.

Examine the Cause of Your Illness

The first step that you should take when weighing your options for a personal injury lawsuit is to look at the cause of your illness. Some illnesses that can take place on a cruise ship are so common that it is almost impossible to prove liability, which means not every case of sickness will make you eligible for a lawsuit.

For instance, certain bugs like the norovirus (stomach flu) transmit so easily that it would be very difficult to prove where it originated or that the cruise ship and its staff were responsible for you getting sick. On the other hand, conditions like Legionnaire’s Disease or food poisoning almost always result from negligence, meaning you would have strong grounds for a suit if you’ve suffered either of these ailments.

Look for Evidence of Negligence

The toughest part of winning a personal injury lawsuit after a cruise ship illness is proving that your sickness was the direct result of negligence. Unlike car accident cases, where negligence is often negligent, proving fault for getting sick can be hard to do. Building your case needs to start immediately, while you’re still on the cruise ship, which means you need to pay attention to potential signs of liability.

First, talk to the other passengers on your ship to determine if your illness was an isolated incident or if there was an outbreak on the ship. Secondly, you can look for signs that the crew knew about the spreading illness, such as unusual cleaning efforts or quarantines. If you suspect food poisoning, try and find out if the cruise ship recently disposed of large amounts of food, which is good evidence of a cover up.

Although the threshold is high, it is possible to gather the evidence you need to win your personal injury lawsuit.

File Your Case in Time

With any legal matter, delaying filing your suit is a bad idea, mostly due to the statute of limitations. In personal injury lawsuits, claimants have a brief period of time for when they can file, and when this time has expired, they will no longer be able to bring a case against the cruise company. Generally, the statute of limitations for a cruise ship case is between two and six years. Getting the compensation that you deserve rests entirely on filing your case in time.

Bring Your Questions to an Injury Lawyer

Cruise ship illness case can be very difficult and stressful if you’re not experienced in legal matters, which means you should be sure to get advice from an injury lawyer from Peter N. Davis & Associates, LLC. When you work with us, you can be sure you’re working with attorneys that are keeping your interests in mind. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

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