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Do’s and Don’ts For Driving In High Winds

According to the Department of Transportation, bad weather causes approximately a quarter of all car accidents.

High winds make for less than ideal driving conditions, which means it’s important for drivers to use extreme caution when behind the wheel. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you find yourself in this situation:

  • Watch for debris such as fallen branches or trees, especially when going around a bend.
  • Don’t stop on a bridge. This is very dangerous because it’s easier for the wind to get under your vehicle, which can cause it to flip or be pushed off course.
  • Drive with both hands on the wheel, even if the gusts seem to let up. It’s best to drive with your hands at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock.
  • Don’t drive over downed power lines. They could still be live and very dangerous. Call the local police department if you see any.
  • Reduce your speed, especially if you’re driving a larger vehicle such as an RV. Crosswinds will make it harder for you to control your vehicle.
  • Turn your headlights on even if it’s daylight. This will help other drivers see you if the wind causes reduced visibility due to rain, sand, dust, or snow.
  • Keep the radio on in order to listen for changes in the weather condition.
  • If the wind becomes too strong, stop in a safe place. Don’t park on the shoulder of  a busy roadway or near objects such as trees that could land on your vehicle.

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