Common Job Related Injuries You Have To Know About

Everyday workers throughout the country are hurt at work. In fact, it’s said that 3.3 million Americans suffer a workplace injury yearly, and twelve workers die daily from a catastrophic injury.

Some of the most common workplace injuries are:

Repetitive Motion – This includes motions such as typing, and it causes strained muscles, carpal tunnel, and vision issues.

Electric Shock – Workers who deal with electricity on a daily basis have a higher risk for electric shock or electrocution. Both of these may lead to a serious or fatal injury.

Slips and Falls – These types of accidents account for a third of all workplace injuries. They are usually caused by debris or wet or damaged floors which lead to back injuries, head injuries, and broken bones.

Manual Work Activities – Those who are constantly lifting, carrying, holding, throwing, pushing, or pulling are more likely to suffer broken bones, back injuries, muscle injuries, and even heart problems.

Workplace Violence – This includes physical assault from a coworker and it generally arises due to an argument.

Machinery – Injuries caused by machinery are typically due to improper maintenance or when a finger, clothing, hair, or foot gets caught in equipment.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Employees who drive for work duties have a risk of being in a motor vehicle accident during their shift. This is why more and more employers are offering employee safe driver training to those who spend most or all of their day behind the wheel.

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