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Why You Shouldn’t Discuss Your Personal Injury Case On Social Media

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Help Innocent Victims After An Accident The Pew Research Center stated, “Today around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves.” Social media is widely used across society, but if people are not cautious about the content they post […]

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How Long Will It Take To Settle My Personal Injury Case?

When you’re hurt in an accident and someone else is at fault, you deserve compensation for your injuries. It’s not fair that you are facing increasing bills from doctors and healthcare facilities, you’re dealing with damage to your quality of life and even personal relationships, you can’t work anymore, and the person who hurt you […]

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What Are The Stages Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Author: Mitch Grissim, Esq. Every accident and personal injury suit is its own unique animal. They can take a wide variety of forms, and each has its own complications and qualities. The right attorney knows how to navigate these complex waters and get you justice for what you’ve suffered. It’s important, however, for you to […]

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Avoid A Major Accident With Easy Winter Safety Tips

Winter is one of the best seasons of the year, particularly if you’re the type of person that’s invigorated by the cold weather. Featuring some of the year’s most exciting holidays and opportunities to spend time with your friends and family, winter is a season filled with joy. Unfortunately, it’s also a season that’s filled […]

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Top Christmas Tree Safety Tips For Avoiding A Fire

During the Christmas season, there’s nothing better than setting up your Christmas tree. The perfect tree can add to the festiveness of your home and improve your enjoyment of the season, making it the most important Christmas decoration. However, as you’re probably aware, a Christmas tree can also be a fire hazard, particularly if you […]

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips To Follow This Holiday Season

If you’re like many, you can’t wait for the Thanksgiving season to arrive. Crisp autumn weather, delicious food and time spent with the people you love the most are just a few reasons Thanksgiving is such a popular holiday. However, in addition to these features, Thanksgiving is also a time of the year when people […]

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“Serious Injury” Threshold: What You Should Know

As a state with a no-fault insurance system, if you are hurt in a car accident in New Jersey, you will need to turn over insurance coverage in order to receive payment for medical bills. However, if the accident led to “serious injuries,” the victim can surpass the no-fault system, and set up a lawsuit […]

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How Will A Medical Lien Affect My Injury Case?

If you were involved in a car or work-related accident, the most important thing to do is to seek treatment for your injuries. We understand that the moments and days following an accident can be hectic and foggy, especially if you’ve been injured. But once the dust settles and you’ve received the necessary treatment, you […]

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How To Handle Your Personal Injury Claim Denial

When you are injured in an accident, one of the first steps to take is to file a claim against the responsible insurance company, whether it’s against your own insurer (a first-party claim) or against the faulty party’s insurer (a third-party claim). If the insurance company denies your personal injury claim, you should investigate the […]

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Homeowner’s Insurance and Injuries: What You Need To Know

When someone sustains an injury on another person’s property, the homeowner’s insurance company is responsible for compensating the injured person if they file a personal injury claim. Here, we’ll discuss how insurers treat certain types of injuries and what to expect from an insurer’s liability coverage. Whether you were injured on another person’s property or […]

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