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Attorneys Can Help When You Are Hurt On The Job

Workers’ compensation is something few people give much thought to until they are hurt on the job. Even if you have not been injured at work, understanding New Jersey workers’ compensation law now can help you avoid delays in receiving your benefits if you are ever hurt while working. Here are some things you should know about New Jersey workers’ compensation:

  • If you are hurt on the job, notify someone in authority right away. This can be a foreman, supervisor, the manager, or someone else in authority. While some states require written notification of the injury within a specific amount of time, in New Jersey, verbal notification of the injury is sufficient.
  • Even if you work two or more jobs, your workers’ compensation will be based upon the job for which you were working when the injury occurred. This is true even if you are unable to work any of your jobs.
  • Although workers’ compensation benefits are retroactive to the first day you are unable to work, you will not be eligible to receive them until you have been temporarily disabled and unable to work for seven days. You will likely have to wait two weeks before you can begin receiving benefits. If benefits are delayed for 30 days or more, you may be eligible for additional benefits, as this is considered an unreasonable delay.
  • You can begin receiving medical benefits and permanent disability compensation without the seven-day waiting period.
  • A New Jersey work injury attorney can help you with any questions or concerns. Hiring an attorney can be especially helpful if you feel you are not getting properly compensated or if your employer refuses to file a workers’ compensation claim. If your employer does not file the claim, you will need to do it yourself, or with the help of an attorney, to ensure you get compensation for your injuries.

If you were hurt on the job, contact us right away. We will work to get you the full benefits of your workers’ compensation.

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