Workers’ Compensation


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When you get hurt on the job, your work injuries can result in major medical bills, and those need to be paid even if you’re too injured to keep working. You may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits as soon as you are injured. Contact us right away so we can fight for what’s rightfully yours. Let us get started on getting you your New Jersey Workers’ Comp benefits as soon as possible. We’ve helped thousands of work injury victims in Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Hackensack, Elizabeth and all over New Jersey get their paychecks rolling in again.

Don’t wait! Find an experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation attorney to oversee your case from start to finish. Make sure you have someone you can trust double-checking all paperwork, keeping everyone informed of your medical directives and making sure you get all the financial compensation the law allows.
In New Jersey, any employee injured on the job is eligible for:

  1. medical treatment to cover prescriptions and reasonable care
  2. temporary disability benefits to cover a workloss that lasts 5 consecutive days or more
  3. permanency awards for injuries resulting in permanent injuries
  4. death benefits for dependents in the case of death due to work-related injuries

Our workers’ compensation lawyers work every day on behalf of people in New Jersey who have been injured on the job or who have incurred occupational illnesses.

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