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Advice On Avoiding Rear-End Collisions In New Jersey

Early on the afternoon of November 20, a rear-end collision on Route 22 East slowed traffic and closed a part of the highway for a time. While you cannot always avoid a car accident, there are several things you can do to reduce your chances of being involved in a rear-end accident.

  • Keep a safe following distance. Under normal daylight conditions, three seconds is generally considered an adequate following distance. This should give you enough time to slow down or stop to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you.
  • Adjust your driving for the weather and driving conditions. This will likely mean slowing down. You may also need to increase your following distance. If the roads are icy, you definitely want to make sure you are not following another vehicle too closely. Even if  the road looks clear, if other vehicles seem to be slipping on it, adjust your speed and following distance accordingly.
  • Do not get distracted. Talking on your cell phone, texting a friend, and talking to a passenger are just a few things which can cause a distraction. Pay attention to the actions of drivers around you. If you see brake lights ahead of you, be ready to stop or slow down.
  • Make sure there is room before switching lanes. This can help you avoid rear-ending anyone as well help you avoid getting rear-ended. After switching lanes, you may need to again adjust your following distance and/or speed.
  • Make other drivers are aware of your intentions early on. If the driver behind you knows you are turning, slowing down, or stopping, the person is less likely to hit you.
  • If you notice a driver behind you seems to be distracted, you may need to be especially diligent about using your blinker earlier or slowing down gradually. This will give the driver extra time to be aware of your actions. You may also want to get out of the way of a distracted or aggressive driver by switching lanes, speeding up, or going a different route.

Unfortunately, although you can control your own actions when driving, you cannot control the actions of others on the road. If someone hit the back of your vehicle, a New Jersey car accident lawyer can help. Contact us to learn what we can do for you.

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