The 411 On Rollover Crashes

According to, rollovers are dangerous accidents that have a higher fatality rate than other types of motor vehicle crashes.

In fact, they kill more than 10,000 people every year in the United States, and account for thirty-three percent of all passenger fatalities.

While any vehicle can rollover, those that are taller and narrower such as sport utility vehicles and pickups are more likely to do so because they have a higher center of gravity making them more top-heavy.


There are several causes of rollover accidents such as:

Speed – Rollover accidents that lead to fatality are generally caused by a speeding driver. states that approximately forty percent of these crashes are due to excessive speed.

Location – Nearly three-quarters of rollover accidents happen in a rural area because the roads are often undivided and lacking barriers.

Alcohol – Many drunk drivers cause rollover accidents due to impaired judgement that can easily cause them to lose control of their vehicle.

Tips for Preventing Rollover Accidents

  • Routinely check tires – Inflation should be checked on a monthly basis as well as the overall condition of the tires.
  • Don’t overload – Overloading a vehicle decreases its stability, especially if heavy cargo is placed on the roof. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should state the load maximum indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t turn corners quickly – If you take a turn too fast, your vehicle will likely swerve sideways, which can lead to a rollover if it hits an object such as a curb.


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