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Three Common Car Crash Injuries You Should Talk To A Lawyer About

A car accident can be a scary experience, and with the emotions involved in a wreck, sometimes people tend to not realize at the time of the crash the extent of their injuries. While it is best to seek medical attention right away after an accident, you can still visit a medical professional if you later realize your injuries are more extensive than originally presumed. Here are some common car accident injuries for which you should seek medical attention:

Head Injuries

What originally feels like a bad headache after an accident might actually be a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). One symptom of both is confusion, including inability to remember the accident or events happening directly before or after the crash. Dizziness, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, and a change in mood or emotions are all signs that a car crash head injury is likely serious. These symptoms may take hours or even a few days to show up. If you, a family member, or a friend suffered these symptoms after a car crash, seek medical attention right away.

Neck Injuries

Injuries to the neck, including whiplash, are common in car accidents. Whether you have neck pain directly after the accident or you wake up the next day in pain, see a doctor right away for any neck pain. Whiplash can continue to bother you for several months or years after the accident, especially if you do not seek medical attention right away. Even if it just feels like a minor pain directly after the accident, you should have your neck by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Back Injuries

Like head and neck injuries, back injuries may not hurt severely at first, but they can be serious. Common back injuries include sprains, strains, herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, and bruising. Pain, trouble walking, numbness, and tenderness to the touch are all possible symptoms of a serious back injury. Do not take a chance with a back injury after a car accident, even if you think the injury is only minor.

If you have suffered these injuries or any other injuries in a car accident caused by another person, contact us. A New Jersey personal injury lawyer will provide a free case consultation.

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